Casting Call for Short Film: The Darkroom (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

“The Darkroom”

Written & Directed by, Eric Yang
(Student Academy Award-Winner for “The State of Sunshine”)

Audition Times:
Friday & Saturday May 8th, 9th
4:00 – 8:00pm

Richard M. Devos Center of GVSU
Building E. Room: 302E
401 Fulton Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

The film will be produced as Grand Valley State University’s 15th annual Summer Film Project: an established tradition for upper-level film students to crew a professionally-run production alongside industry experts. The story follows an aging photographer who faces the threat of the upcoming digital technology from his own estranged daughter.

For John, a divorced old-school photographer who has spent all his life in his darkroom, defending his craft and darkroom means defending his own livelihood. When his young manager is forced to give him the ultimatum, his daughter Amy suddenly returns after 30 years… and is working as a digital photography specialist. Now John must face a decision that will define him not only as an artist, but also as a father.

Casting For:

PETE (Male, 30’s): John’s boss and Amy’s childhood friend. Inherited the photography lab from his father. Good natured, understanding, & respectable… but ultimately a businessman.
LUCY (Female, 50’s): Store attendant at the photography lab.
AL (Male, 50’s): Scruffy handyman of the photography lab.
JULIE (Female, 7-12): A customer being photographed by John.
JULIE’S MOTHER (Female, 30-45): Present during Julie’s shoot and the pickup of the pictures.
JULIE’S FATHER (Male, 30-45): Comes with Julie’s mother to pick up the pictures.
MARY (Female, 60-80): Wife of Herb. Faithful customer of John’s.
HERB (Male, 60-80): Husband of Mary. Faithful customer of John’s.
YOUNG AMY (Female, 7-12): Before now, this was the only Amy that John ever knew. This actress will only be seen in the film in a photograph, so she will only be needed for one day in May.

Credit, food, money for traveling, & a copy of the finished film.

You may prepare something if you would like, but the auditions will be a cold read from the script.

If you cannot make the audition times, an alternative appointment can be made. If you would like to do so, send a headshot/recent picture with resume if available to:

Chris Kotcher
Casting Director / Assistant Director
The Darkroom

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