“The Daily Grinds” Casting Call for Web Series (Birmingham, MI)

Auditions for Actors and Extras

The Daily Grinds Web Series

A few film aspirants and I are producing a web series entitled “The Daily Grinds.” We will begin casting Wednesday the 21st at 6pm at the Starbucks on Old Woodward and Maple in Downtown Birmingham. Most of the series will be shot in the Birmingham palladium, which we are transforming into a coffee shop.


This is a mockumentary style webisode based on life in a corporate coffee shop. The plot follows the employees of the coffee shop at work and peppers in entertaining anecdotes from their personal lives.

Available Roles:

  • Oliver: 23 yr old male. Slim build. Brown hair. 5’7-5’9. Visible tattoos ok. Hipster who wears skinny jeans and any designer clothes from the thrift store, so a trendy wardrobe is a must. It would be cool if you could play a strings instrument and have knowledge of a drum machine, or least good at faking it.
  • Hannah: youngin’, 19-20 years old. Really sweet and innocent and more than subtly flirty. Playful, giggly. Hipster Girl. Cute, thrift store, somehow perfect style.
  • Yvette: 20-27 yr old mixed Asian or Latina American female. 5’4-5’9. You would be comfortable doing some stunts. Expressive facial emotion is a plus. If you can’t move your face and can only remember lines, please do not email us. If you could do an awesome baby talk voice, it would be hilarious. Not a creepy baby talk. That’s just not right.
  • Naz: 5’5-5’9 South asian or middle eastern female who is ok with smoking or at least ok with pretending. Lewd language and comedic facial expressions are important. Sarcastic and always making jokes. We need a comedian.
  • Logan: 24-28 year old male. If two ‘bros’ had a love child, this would be you.
  • Amelia: 5-5’2 female with very styled hair and more on the busty side. You have to be articulate and no tattoos.
  • Charlie: 30-35 yr old man. You have to be able to very corporate (stern, cheesy, and overly smiley) but a total dork who some how made it to the top.
  • Betty: 18-23 yrs old, the more you look like strawberry shortcake, the better. Kind hearted, she drank the ‘kool-aid’ but lives to preach on the message, Saved and looks to Save others with her furtive agenda hidden in kindness.
  • Derrick: 25-3r yr old hipster who is so happy and proud to be one. He isn’t in denial like most hipsters. He embraces it.
  • Roger: 30-35 yr old male with blond hair and glass. About 5’10-6’1 and no polo shirts and popped collars. Dry, sarcastic, dresses like Tom Waits, if he was a professor. Lives for music, to the point where his life is like their rock n roll past.
  • Extras: We are also looking for extras or anybody interested in filling the role of customers. If you are good, we may create a recurring character for you. Types include: PTA Trendsetters, Yoga-Bitches, High Schoolers, High Powered Men & Women, Runners & Cyclists.


These are not paid roles. We will provide light refreshments and footage of your work.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshot and resume to: thedailygrindstv@gmail.com

NOTE: Please bring a headshot and resume with you to the audition.

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