“THE APOTHECARY” Movie Casting Call (Detroit, MI)

Coil Productions & Brimstone Media Productions Casting

Professional actors needed for low-budget horror movie, “The Apothecary”. This is not a “first time movie”. The director has previously directed/produced over a dozen distributed genre movies and is well known in the horror community.  Not a Hollywood movie but an independent movie, Non-Sag.  The auditions are Dec 11 and 12th.  Exact location will be provided upon applying.


A young man, Yanni, revisits his childhood neighborhood in Detroit soon after the death of his mother. Once there he falls back into his old life in Greektown and begins work for a mysterious pharmacist who concocts miraculous cures. But he also reunites with a childhood friend, who is infected with evil. When the pharmacist is brutally murdered a golem-like creature from Greek folklore begins wreaking havoc. Is this the pharmacist returned from the dead? And what, exactly, is Yanni’s connection to the magical store?

Available Roles:

  • TIMOTHEUS/PHARMACIST: He looks like a cross between an orchestra conductor and a mad scientist, 50’s-60’s. Caucasian, Greek accent.
  • YANNI: Half Greek, 20-30’s, dark featured, the protagonist of the story. Caucasian
  • CONSTANTINE: 20-30’s (same age as Yanni), opposite of Yanni. Caucasian
  • YOUNG CONSTANTINE: 9-11 years old. Caucasian
  • ATHENA: 35-45, attractive, owner of restaurant, mother of DAWN. Caucasian.
  • DAWN: 20’s-30, attractive, daughter of ATHENA. Caucasian.
  • DETECTIVE TOULE: Detroit cop, hard-edged, little sense of humor. Always seems like he’s angry.


There is pay for some of the lead roles.

You will also get publicity on the genre website/magazines. The director has previously written/directed over a dozen movies, distributed in the US via Blockbuster, et cetera, and worldwide as well as numerous credits on imdb.com.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please send you headshots and resume to: KevinLindenmuth@att.net

NOTE: The auditions will be videotaped.

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  1. Vicki Collins says:

    If you had need of a makeup artist, contact me. Some of my work can be seen on Facebook. Thanks.

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