“The Apothecary” Casting Call for Non-Union Film (Detroit, MI)

Coil Productions & Brimstone Media Productions Casting

Producer: Danny Johnston
Director/Writer: Kevin Lindenmuth
Casting: Kevin Lindenmuth/Danny Johnston, Non-SAG
Shooting: Late Nov-December 2010 in metro Detroit, Michigan


A young man, Yanni, revisits his childhood neighborhood in Detroit soon after the death of his mother. Once there he falls back into his old life in Greektown and begins work for a mysterious pharmacist who concocts miraculous cures. But he also reunites with a childhood friend, who is infected with evil. When the pharmacist is brutally murdered a golem-like creature from Greek folklore begins wreaking havoc. Is this the pharmacist returned from the dead? And what, exactly, is Yanni’s connection to the magical store?

Available Roles:

  • ANNA: A woman in her 30’s a bit worn and haggard looking. She is Yanni’s mother, seen in flashback scenes. Caucasian.
  • TIMOTHEUS/PHARMACIST: He looks like a cross between an orchestra conductor and a mad scientist, 50’s-60’s. Caucasian, Greek accent.
  • ANNA’S HUSBAND: Rugged looking man in his 30’s, Greek. Yanni’s father, seen in flashback sequences. Caucasian
  • YANNI: Half Greek, 20-30’s, dark featured, the protagonist of the story. Caucasian
  • YOUNG YANNI: 9-11 years old, seen in flashback scenes. Caucasian
  • CONSTANTINE: 20-30’s (same age as Yanni), opposite of Yanni. Caucasian
  • YOUNG CONSTANTINE: 9-11 years old. Caucasian
  • OLD MAN: 60’s-70’s, looks like he just came from Florida.
  • WAITER: Greek Restaurant, does the flaming cheese dish.
  • WOMAN IN RESTAURANT: Young waitress in Greek Restaurant. Caucasian.
  • ATHENA: 35-45, attractive, owner of restaurant, mother of DAWN. Caucasian.
  • GUZMAN/ACCOUNTANT: 50’s, balding, overweight, stereotypical looking.
  • GREGORI: Drunken homeless man in his mid forties-fifties, Greek. Caucasian.
  • MAN: One of the pharmacist’s customers, 60’s-80’s.
  • FRIEND: Yanni’s friend in flashback sequence, same age as him. 20’s-30’s.
  • DAWN: 20’s-30, attractive, daughter of ATHENA. Caucasian.
  • SUIT #1: Henchman of CONSTANTINE, threatening looking.
  • SUIT #2: Henchman of CONSTANTINE, threatening looking.
  • LIMO DRIVER: CONSTANTINE’S DRIVER, threatening looking.
  • SECRETARY: Constantine’s secretary, attractive.
  • GIRL: 8-10 yrs
  • BUTCHER: 40’s or 50’s, rough-looking, beefy. Hit-man and also a real butcher.
  • DETECTIVE TOULE: Detroit cop, hard-edged, little sense of humor. Always seems like he’s angry.
  • PHARMACIST #2: 50’s-60’s, looks like TIMOTHEUS. Caucasian.


Pay for main roles, copy, credit, meals, no lodging, so Metro Detroit actors only.

How to Apply:

Please send your headshots and resume to: KevinLindenmuth@att.net

NOTE: Absolutely no phone calls or drop offs.

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