“Tha Corner” Auditions & Casting Call, WSU Campus (Detroit, MI)

Audition for Project Theatre Company’s Independent Film

We are looking for hard working reliable people that are non-union status only. Auditions will be held Thursday Aug 12th, 2010 from 6-8pm in the basement of the Old Main building (4841 Cass, Detroit, MI 48201) on Wayne State University’s campus.

“Tha Corner”

“Tha Corner” is a gritty story about the reality of young people living in the low income areas of the inner city experiencing political injustice, greed, murder, and family discourse.

Character Breakdown

  • Dino– Lead Character, early twenties, nickel and dime hustler, very smart and respectful. Does not swear. Best friend to James.
  • James– Lead Character, early twenties, wild and out of control no respect for anyone. Best friend to Dino.
  • TeTe– Dino’s girlfriend. Strong and smart. Good woman for Dino. Early twenties.
  • Lisa– TeTe’s best friend. Gold digger but has major sex appeal. Physically beautiful. Early twenties.
  • Bama– Athletic built with southern accent. Ambitious. New on the Narcotics squad. Late twenties.
  • Country– Tall and big. Crooked Narcotics officer for some years now.
  • Toni– Dino’s little sister between the age of 16-18. Don’t let the age fool you. She is one of the sexiest girl in the city. Everybody wants her.
  • Mama– Dino’s mom. Late forties. Passive to her husband but stern with her kids. a traditional house wife.
  • Dad– Ex-drug dealer. Did some years in the joint. Works 9-5 now. Disappointed and discussed with Dino for following in his footsteps.
  • Slim– The Head dope man in the city. Late thirties.
  • Tommy– Slim’s right hand man. Mid thirties.
  • Fat Mike– Slim’s other right hand man.
  • Commander– The Commander and Chief of the police force. Hard but wants to make a change in the city. Wants to gain control of the dope distribution in order to eliminate it completely.
  • Javier– The drug connect for James and Dino.


This is not a paying gig.

How to Apply:

If you are interested, please email us at projecttheatre@gmail.com and we will send you a confirmation email with your audition time. Spots are extremely limited.

NOTE: Bring a headshot and resume if possible. No monologues needed for this audition. You will be given sides upon your arrival. You must have an appointment to audition.

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  1. Vincina Person says:

    Hello, I was interested in the role Mama

  2. Walter Lee says:

    hey this is Walter iam interested in being a part in this indeptant project film please call me 586 468 4726 or 586 464 7894

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