“Terror Seth and the Pedo” Casting Call for GVSU Film (Grand Rapids, MI)

Grand Valley State University Film Production

Casting for a short independent film being produced by Grand Valley State University, “Terror Seth and the Pedo”.


Terror Seth and The Pedo is a journey into the queerest neighborhood of Grundle Rumpids. On this particular day several bizarre events begin to take place after the accidental death of Terror Seth, a well-loved neighbor alley cat. After brutally striking down Terror Seth with his car, Cool Steve is haunted by his own guilty conscious. Much like the story The Tell Tale Heart, Cool Steve’s own imagination becomes his worst enemy. After dumping the collected remains of Terror Seth into a ditch behind his house, Cool Steve is increasingly tormented by the dying groans of a cat’s meow. In addition to this personal hell, Cool Steve is reminded of the dead Terror Seth by his sad and searching little owner Sarah; and the swift vigilantly justice of the accident’s only witness, eleven year old Pete “Pepi” Pepinski. Sarah takes action by forming a one-person search group going door-to-door and posting hand made missing fliers, while Pete sees this unfortunate event as an opportunity to take down another filthy adult run a muck.

Terror Seth and the Pedo is your mother’s worst nightmare…

Available Roles:

  • COOL STEVE – middle 20’s to middle 30’s male. Cool, collected, 90’s surfer style man child.
  • PETE – 10 to 14 years of age. Righteous, mischievous, punky, a straight up and down bad kid with a soft side.
  • SARAH – 10-14 years of age. Innocent and timid, a creative youngster with a never say die attitude.
  • ROBERT – Late 30’s to 50’s male. A shifty creep who loves to talk about food and mountain bikes.


Although actors will not be pay, this is a great opportunity to build one’s resume and gain on set experience working with the FILM format. Actors will be credited for the film and provided with craft services when on set.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshot and resume to: terrorsethfilm@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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