“Syrup” Casting Call for Short Film

MPI Short Student Film Rush Casting

Casting 3 actors for the short film, “Syrup”. Due to unforeseen circumstances the shoot will occur within the next couple of days and will occur at Motion Picture Institute located at 1116 Big Beaver in Troy, MI.


The story is meant as a freakish delve into who we are. Lost within his own mind, Eric, battles the pains in his world. The problem itself is not so much the problem but how the adversity is seen, experienced, dealt with is the true adversity. There are multiple Eric’s in this conception of events. Each is battling with his own pains how it exists in his mind. The reality of one is none more real nor unreal than the others.

One is in a dead state without reason or meaning.
One beyond living a destroyed state of pain.
One in fear unable to fight back in his own mind the adversity running within a separate from the mind and mater perception of our world. Perused by undefinable vampire like, elegant, coffee sipping forces of nature neither within his mind nor within the physical world.

A different reality. A different way of seeing . A different person. A different world. A different state. The story is a search for freedom within the mind. Freedom is within our own world in its truest form, a chaotic place within the mind. Freedom is in beyond what we consider humanity, a different reality is like a different person.

Available Roles:

  • Eric: (lead) Male, age 20-25. See plot for explanation.
  • Renaissance Actors: Two rugged offbeat individuals with renaissance festival costumes, ages 20 – 25 (must have own outfit)


There won’t be compensation, but credit and a DVD copy of the final film will be provided.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to: 4areynolds@gmail.com

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  1. jerry hayes says:

    is 40 ok to audition for the lead. i’m looking to add film to my reel. that role i could do. you can see clips from my reel on face book jerry hayes clinton town ship or my cd. i studied since i was 10 with different coches, different techniques,improvisation . Here, and in l.a at the playhouse west. . I am looking to get back to acting. I’m a truthful realistic actor.and enjoy doing dramas or light comedy. im free the next couple days. thank you.

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