Casting Supporting & Minor Roles for “The Game”

Shiryo Films Productions and Fireball 40 Studio, LLC

Shiryo Films Productions and Fireball 40 Studio, LLC, is currently casting for our upcoming feature film titled “The Game”, in which will be filmed in Michigan. They are making a call-out to announce the casting of their supportive and minor roles.


Nine individuals are forced to play a game that only one may prevail while eight others must die. The gates are locked with eight key holes that will lead the winner to freedom.

Each person is only given three lifelines for their survival and a cryptic chance for freedom for all nine players to succeed. However all must remain vigilant, as danger not only lurks within the players but rather the game itself…

Available Roles:

  • John Fisher: (Must look: 45-55) Caucasian Male. Supporting Role: John is Mandy’s father and husband of Victoria May Fisher.
  • Lu Chang: (Must look: 25-35) Asian Male. Minor Role: Faction administrator of a Chinese crime family.
  • Lauren Collinsberg: (Must look: 30-40) Any Ethnicity Female. Supporting Role: Leon Collinsberg’s wife.
  • Mr. Hung: (Must look: 35-45) Asian Male. Supporting Role: Mr. Hung is the Crime Boss of a Chinese Crime Family.
  • Maria Villigomez: (Must look: 25-30) Hispanic Female. Supporting Role: Rivera’s fiancée who is pregnant with his sixth child (five from other woman).
  • Torrance West: (Must look: 18-25) African-America / Caucasian Male. Supporting Minor Role: Torrance is a thug who robs people, drinks a lot and smokes with his lowlife friends.
  • Jordan Neil: (Must look: 21-30) Caucasian Male. Supporting Role: Jordan is a rejected musician now at various bars drinking his life away.
  • Lillian Sherman: (Must look: 35-45) Any Ethnicity Female. Supporting Role: Lillian is Victor Sherman’s wife.
  • Ms. Wang: (Must look: 50-60) Asian Female. Minor Role: Ms. Wang is the mother of Cho Wang.

*Young Roles* *These are roles that require performers under the age of 18*

  • Clifford Williams: (Must look: 13-16) African-American Male. Supporting Role: Kelsey Williams’s young brother.
  • Emily Smith: (Must look: 10-14) Caucasian Female. Minor Role: Daughter of Albert Smith.
  • Anthony Collinsberg: (Must look: 15-17) Any Ethnicity Male. Minor Role: Son of Leon Collinsberg.
  • Rebecca Collinsberg: (Must look: 15-17) Any Race Female. Supporting Minor Role: Daughter of Leon Collinsberg.


These are paid roles. Craft/Catering Services provided. Transportation and Lodging are not included.

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied!

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3 Responses to “Casting Supporting & Minor Roles for “The Game””

  1. Rachel says:

    My name is Rachel. I am 14 years old but is told that i look like ages 11-13. I have a dream of being an actress and hope to be one while still being a kid. I have a love for performing, acting, singing, and performing in plays. I have played one of the main parts in a school play for my drama class and had to learn alot of lines. I also love making videos and acting in videos. I am told that i am a hard worker and very determined. If I get to be in this movie, I will take my job serriously and will work hard to practice and memorize all of my lines. Memorizing lines shouldn’t be a problem for me and I find it pretty easy. Becoming an actress, is something that I am very determined about along with becoming a singer and I am still intrested in being in plays and acting. (Sometimes, I even memorize a bunch of lines from my favorite movies and act them out!)

  2. Rachel says:

    I also act the best as someone who is shy, kind, friendly, sad, or angry! (just thought it would be helpful for you guys to know!)

  3. Jenny Engstrom says:

    Just curious to know where in Michigan is being considered for the shooting of this movie?

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