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Blood & Guts Productions Casting

“Sullivan High” is now casting and looking for talented, professional actors and actresses. This project is a low-budget, independent feature film to be produced by Blood & Guts Productions. Principle photography will most likely take place late 2011 – 2012, but at this point all dates are tentative. The film is written and to be directed by Brentt Slabchuck. Shane Michaels and Stephen Corron of Blood & Guts Productions are set to produce the film. Filming will most likely take place in Michigan and Ohio.


A disturbed teenager, Billy Molloy, obsesses over a beautiful girl in class, but is jealous of his only friend’s love with her. Billy begins to lose his mind when the girl is raped by a teacher, causing him to go to extreme lengths to “save” her.

Available Roles:

  • Billy Molloy – 17, a deeply disturbed, schizophrenic young man. (Caucasian)
  • Alexis Harper – 18, an incredibly attractive high school girl. (Mixed [Latino, Mediterranean, Asian])
  • James Stanton – 17, a handsome, charming, charismatic young man. (Caucasian)
  • Jason DeLange – 29, a high school chemistry teacher. (Caucasian)
  • Jeffrey Sheppard – 40, a quiet, thoughtful, gentle child psychologist. (Caucasian)
  • Noah Hoffman – 18, James’s best friend. He is a tall, athletic, boisterous football player. (Caucasian)

Supporting Characters

  • Kelsey Molloy – 44, Billy’s mother, a heroin addict. . (Caucasian, blonde)
  • Gwen – 17, high school student. (Non race-specific)
  • Lottie – 17, high school student. (Non race-specific)
  • Greg – 18, high school student (Non race-specific)
  • Cindy – 17, high school student (Asian)
  • Ms. Field – 59, one of the teachers at Sullivan High. (Non race-specific)
  • Paski – 20s, a shaky, inexperienced police officer. (Non race-specific)
  • Barrigan – 30s, a police officer. (Non race-specific)


Please understand that compensation will most likely be deferred payment – this is a low-budget production. Looking for a talented, professional cast who wish to work with other like-minded people.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshot and resume to: casting@bloodgutsproductions.com

NOTE: Please include the name of the character you are interested in auditioning for in the subject line of your email. Previous acting experience is not required, but you may be asked to provide a cold reading.

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3 Responses to ““Sullivan High” Casting Lead & Supporting Roles”

  1. jazlyn brown says:

    Hi Im 15 and i would love to audition for the part of lottie

  2. Kristopher Arnold says:

    My name is Kristopher Arnold and I am 18, and I would be extremely interested in auditioning for the part of Billy Molloy.

  3. Gabby Maryland says:

    Hi my name is Gabby, I’m 19 and I would be honored if I could audtion for the role if Alexis Harper. However my audition e-mail won’t send through my computer, if there’s an alternate e-mail that I may send my information to please let me know, thank you.

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