“Suicide Adoption” Casting Call for Lead & Supporting Roles (Flint, MI)


Suicide Adoption is casting both lead and supporting roles for their upcoming film.


Suicide Adoption is a story about a couple, Bruce and Sharon Harte, who adopt a child from overseas, named Jamal. A terrorist group, Hasip Al Swara, forces a young boy named Namir, to take the place of Jamal. Namir is forced to help the terrorist group in order to save his biological parent’s life. Namir is not only forced to take on this secret identity, he must also deliver bombs, deal with high school bullies, and fight for the lives of his kidnapped parents. Will Jamal’s new family and friends and his new found love for comic books be enough to help him overcome the desires of a heartless terrorist group.

How to Apply:

Please email a picture (preferrably a headshot), your resume, and your contact info (name, address, phone & email) to suicideadoptioncast@yahoo.com.

We will be accepting cast submissions for the next few weeks and will begin casting in August! We will also be holding open casting call. Dates for the open casting call will be announced soon.


  • Namir/Jamal: (13 year old Middle Eastern Male) Lead. Namir is forced to take the identity of Jamal when his family’s life is threatened. Namir has to face some challenging choices as he battles to save his family. Actors must be able to play a wide range of emotions, including having the ability to cry very easily.
  • Bruce Harte: (mid to late 30’s Caucasian Male) Supporting. Bruce is Jamal’s adopted father. Bruce is very excited to have children, but has to face some very uneasy circumstances, and yet remain a stable parental figure for his two sons, and his wife. Bruce is a strong blue collar father.
  • Sharon Harte: (30’s Caucasian Female) Supporting. Sharon is Jamal’s adopted mother. Sharon is a homemaker who is unable to have children, she has always wanted to be a mother, and after adopting Jason and Jamal feels like she finally has a family. Sharon is light hearted but very emotional.
  • Jason Harte: (6yrs. old Caucasian Male) Supporting. Jason is a very energetic and loveable little boy. He is adopted by Sharon and Bruce when he is around 4 years old, and loves playing with his toys and hanging around his new older brother.
  • Young Jason: (3 to 4 years old) must resemble Jason Harte.
  • Mr. Benedict: (40’s to 50’s Male) Supporting. Mr. Benedict is a high school History Teacher. Mr. Benedict ends up being a confidant for Jamal. Mr. Benedict tries to make his children understand the importance of caring and kindness.
  • Raj: (30’s – 50’s) Supporting. Raj is a very shady character. He is a runner for a terrorist group. It is his job to make sure that Jamal does his job.
  • Captain Scott Jordan: (30’s – 50’s Male) Supporting. Capt. Jordan is a Captain in the United States Military who just finished his second tour of duty overseas in Afghanistan. Capt. Jordan comes to a career day at the local high school and has a positive impact on Jamal.
  • Marcus Jordan: (15-18 Male) Supporting. Marcus is Capt. Jordan’s son, and he is a high school bully. He bullies Jamal, because he is different.
  • Gracie Howard: (20’s – 30’s Attractive Female) TV News Anchor.
  • Dr. Emily Pace: (30’s Female) OBGYN
  • Mrs. Brown: (late 20’s to early 30’s Female) Adoption’s Office Manager
  • Ms. Myers: (late 20’s female) Family Counselor
  • Akram: (40’s Middle Eastern) Namir’s father
  • Aza: (40’s Middle Eastern) Namir’s mother
  • Emir: (Middle Eastern) Terrorist Leader
  • Dustin: (12-17 Caucasian Male) Jamal’s new cousin
  • David: (12 -17 Caucasian Male) Jamal’s new cousin
  • Josh: (10-17 Caucasian Male) Jamal’s new cousin
  • Ray: High School Student
  • Chelsea: High School Student
  • Jack: High School Student
  • Tina: High School Student
  • Walt: High School Student
  • Angela: High School Student
  • Old Guy: (60’s to 90’s)

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  1. Emilee says:

    I want to be one of the high school students, Tina or Angela, mostly Tina.

    I am in high school in real life.

  2. hot girls doing it says:

    Does this pay?

  3. ShaeLynn says:

    I want to be one of the high school girls.

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