“Subject Zero” Open Auditions & Casting Call (Grand Rapids, MI)

Glass Cage Productions Casting Call

Glass Cage Productions Casting

Glass Cage Productions will be holding an open audition for the feature length film “Subject Zero“.

Film Description: A superhero western. Non-Union feature.
Shoot Dates: TBD

Characters Needed

  • VICTOR Male. Any ethnicity. Ages 25-35. Victor used to be a family man until Henry took his wife away from him. Now he’s only seeking revenge.
  • BRITTNEY Female. Any ethnicity. Ages 7-12. The daughter of Victor. Her mother dies in her arms.
  • CHIMERA # 1 Female. Any ethnicity. Ages 21-30. Chimera seeking vengeance on Henry for taking his powers. He has the power of speed.
  • CHIMERA # 2 Male. Any ethnicity. Ages 21-30. Chimera seeking vengeance on Henry for taking his power.
  • CHIMERA # 3 Male. Any ethnicity. Ages 21-30. Chimera leading the other two to seek vengeance on Henry. Has the power to teleport.
  • BARTENDER Male. Any ethnicity. Ages 40-60. Chimera who now owns a bar in order to live a life of peace. He doesn’t want any trouble in his bar and has the power to stop time.
  • STRENGTH CHIMERA Male. Any ethnicity. Ages 30-40. Chimera in which Henry fights in the woods. Looking for muscular men.
  • WALK ON WATER CHIMERA Male. Any ethnicity. Ages 25-35. Chimera who tries to get on water to escape Henry.
  • HEAD AUTHORITY Male or Female. Any ethnicity. Ages 35-55. Agent who tells Victor that Henry killed his wife.
  • BAR AUTHORITY Male. Any ethnicity. Ages 23-27. A younger authority who is new to the idea. Henry takes him out easily.

Extras Casting

We will also need extras for the bar scene, other authorities for the Victor’s wife’s death. Other parts may be added as well.


This is no pay, but credit and a copy of the DVD will be given.

How to Apply:

You can either attend the open auditions or email your headshot and resume to randall.frey@glasscageproductions.com


When: Saturday July 24th, 2010 from 10 am till 5 pm.
Where: Calvin College in The Prince Conference Center1800 East Beltline South East Grand Rapids, MI, 49546.

Also bring a hard copy to the audition.
Video Auditions are available.
Side Auditions are available upon request.

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