“State of Nature” Casting Call for Short Film (Ann Arbor, MI)

Casting Actors & Actresses

We are currently looking for actors and actresses to fill out the principal character roles. We have already raised $5,000 dollars through grants, and we intend for the short to play at multiple local and national film festivals.

Shooting will take place primarily on weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun) in March. Cast schedule permitting, there may be various week days throughout, or late-February weekend shoots. If you feel like you cannot make all of these days, but would still otherwise be interested, you should still come to the audition or contact us. We are incredibly flexible and willing to work with your schedule in order to secure your talent.

While locations are yet to be finalized, we are in closing talks to secure multiple locations in the Ann Arbor/Detroit greater area. Among these locations are an rundown vacant building in Ypsilanti, Michigan Central Station in Detroit, and the closed Northville Psychiatric Hospital. All necessary transportation and security will be provided.

Audition Details:

We have three audition dates so far: Saturday, February 12th; Sunday, February 13th; Wednesday, February 16th. All three auditions will be at U of M in the North Quad Dormitory Residential Complex 105 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (in the basement, take the stairs down to your right after entering on Washington Street). On Saturday the room is 1105 and we will go from 2:30pm – 5:30pm. On Sunday, auditions will also be in room 1105 going from 12pm – 2pm. On Wednesday, we will be in room 1175 starting at 7 pm until 9 pm.


State of Nature is a short film about Mira, an 18 year old orphan, 8 years after a mysterious apocalypse, as she searches for a cure to her 9 year old brother’s heart failure in the desolate urban wasteland. After scouring many hospitals in many abandoned cities, we open on her finally finding the cure, only to encounter a group of scavengers looking for the same thing. Cornered and robbed, she must find a way to get it back.

Available Roles:

  • Mira: Must be able to play an 18 year old girl, athletic, willing to learn fight sequences from our action choreographer and mild stunt sequences from our parkour-stunt-coordinators. (Full stunts will be done with stunt doubles for safety reasons). She is the protagonist, and is on screen for almost every frame. Acting experience highly preferred.
  • Edward: Must be able to play a 9 year old boy. Edward is a boy suffering heart failure, very thin, almost sickly looking (after makeup). He is tough, despite his disease, having survived almost his whole life in the post-apocalypse. Edward is a principal character, with a good amount of screen time. Acting experience is a plus.
  • Bernard: Must be able to play 50-70 year old man. Bernard is an old man with heart failure who has asked the group of men he travels with, his family, to find him a new heart. He must confront Mira when she comes to steal back the heart. Bernard is a principal character, with one long scene of screen time. Acting experience highly preferred.
  • Scavengers: Seeking three to ten 15-35 year old men or women. The Scavengers are part of Bernard’s family. They are minor characters, but still have sufficient dialog. They also have action/fight sequences.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying just show up at any time during the time slots above. If you cannot make any of these time slots, but are still interested in auditioning, please email the assistant director, Luis at: luisaf@umich.edu

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  1. .b.r.jake says:

    i am a 13 year old 5 foot tall kid who i believe, could pass for edward or as a 15 year old. i have 1 year of drama in school and 1 year of vocal.(if that helps). I tied for the lead role in the play, oliver twist. I have been in 4 plays overall. Seussical jr, seussical, joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, and oliver twist. I have a very wide spectrum of acting skill.

  2. Haley says:

    Just wondering, but guy above me, how can you pass for a nine year old and a fifteen year old? And this sounds really interesting.

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