“The Spirit of Mumbai” Casting Call for Independent Film (Redford, MI)

Now Casting “The Spirit of Mumbai”

Mahasagar Creative

The Spirit of Mumbai, a mixed English Hindi action/thriller concerning the kidnapping of a Bollywood actress, is currently casting for feature roles and extras. Auditions will be held from 9am to 5pm on Sunday, February 6th at 26018 West 7 Mile Road, Redford, MI 48240. (Come to side door)

Available Roles:

  • Arjun’s Brother:(early 30’s) (Must be Indian and fluent in Hindi) Loses his cool once he sees Arjun paroled and has a melt down at his Indian restaurant.
  • Hina Shah:(20’s) (Must be Indian and Fluent in Hindi) Hina is Arjun’s young parole officer who quickly finds herself outmatched in a confrontation with Detective Vance Martell.
  • Mr. Patel:(50’s to 60’s) (Indian, Must Speak Fluent Hindi) The money hungry owner of Patel’s Limos who eventually give Arjun a job as a mechanic.
  • Rani Deol:(mid 20’s) (Indian, Must speak fluent Hindi) The newest and most upcoming Bollywood actress and a major supporter of charities, the lovely Rani finds herself the victim of a vicious kidnapping.
  • Kalini:(early 30’s) (Indian, Must speak fluent Hindi) The stunning and capable bodyguard of Mrs. Deol, Kalini, puts up a major battle against the kidnappers. After the abduction, Kalini teams up with Veteran Detective, Vance Martell, to hunt down Rani’s abductors and save the starlet, but will she be able to survive a confrontation Dane Crist.
  • Angelo:(30’s) (Indian, Must speak fluent Hindi) Mrs. Deol’s agent who is much more interested in her spending time in money-making appearances rather than charity benefits.
  • Ross King:(40’s) Unemployed factory worker who is approached by a stranger with a plan to kidnap Rani Deol.
  • Leon Wood: (40’s) Unemployed colleague of King’s who has a cousin Jasper that may be able to help in the kidnapping.
  • Kenny “the kid” Richland: (early 20’s) Richland is known as “the kid”. He is a younger unemployed colleague of King’s and Wood’s, who gets involved in the kidnapping, but become less and less enthralled with idea, especially as Jasper’s activities become more and more nefarious.
  • Jasper: (40’s) Wood’s unemployed Michigan militia, lithium popping cousin, who thinks he’s a mercenary because he reads soldier of fortune. He brings the armament and the plan to undertake the kidnapping.
  • Thugs 1 through 3:(early 20’s) Group of punks who try to rob Arjun while he’s making a deposit for Mr. Patel.
  • Earl Carrington, Tom Divine, and Dave Linser: (all 40’s) Jasper’s loser militia friends who help in the kidnapping attempt.
  • Crist’s Crew:(various) 6-8 ultra tough guys who compose Crist’s crew; these guys are all former special forces and experts in warfare.
  • Secretary:Sends Arjun in to Hina. Conny Patel’s assistant.


  • Prison Extras: 10 prisoners and 4 guards
  • Restaurant Extras: 8 people preferably couples
  • Parole Office Extras: 6 people (mixed women and men)
  • Patel’s Limo Extras: 2 people, mechanic types.


Major roles are paid $50.00/day and will receive meals, credit, and copy of the movie.  Extras will receive meals, credit, and copy of the movie.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please send you headshots and resume to: jtillotson@mahasagarcreative.com

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  1. Michael Haase says:

    I have sent 2 e-mails to said address above. Both came back as undeliveable. I am interested in helping you with this new project. Please send me an e-mail to addres above so I can forward a resume and photos. Thank you for the time in reading this.

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