Spanish Voice Actors Needed for the Film “THE GREATEST GIFT 2.0”

Casting Call for Vocal Talent

Delasha Media Group is currently casting vocal talent for an all “Spanish” voice over of their film “THE GREATEST GIFT 2.0”. The English version of this film is in high demand and currently on tour. The trailer can be seen on Youtube – THE GREATEST GIFT 2.0 TRAILER.


The Greatest Gift 2.0 is an Inspirational Drama that follows the lives of 4 individuals who are at a crossroad in their lives when God & Satan both come to them in person, set in today’s time and Hip Hop culture.

Available Roles:

  • 4 voices of God (Adult)
  • 1 voice of God (male Child)
  • 4 voices of Satan,as well as 1 role for a little boy
  • Innocent Girl Next Door
  • Sexy, Seductive Female
  • Female- Minister or Inspirational Speaker
  • Male- Pastor/Preacher/Minister
  • Priest reciting Psalm 23
  • Young Petty Hustler Male
  • His Mother & Sister
  • Several Teen/young adults to joke and laugh during a Rap Battle.
  • 3 Teens/Young adults to actually to perform 3 Rap Verses
  • Young man – Friend of Preachers Son
  • Distraught pregnant female in Labor
  • Her caring friend Female
  • Her goofy friend Male
  • A Tough, fed up Hustler looking to get Revenge on the streets Male
  • Judge in courtroom Male
  • Prison Officer


These roles are for a credit. Refreshments will be provided during studio time.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please request a script via email:

NOTE: You will be required to submit actual lines from the script. Please include “SPANISH” in the subject line of your email.

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