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Sons of S Productions is a film production company here in the area. We have a crew that directs and shoots Features, Shorts, Commercials, and TV Series. We are seeking new screenplay submissions that we can make come to life on screen. Sons of S Productions is looking for high concept material and ideas that are unique, unusual, and outrageous. The most popular subjects are Comedies, Romantic Comedies, Action Comedies, Drama, Thrillers, Action, Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. We can also sign and fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you would like. Please follow the submission guidelines below and we will get back with you, once we receive your materials.

Submitting a Screenplay:

Begin your pitch by introducing yourself and listing your qualifications, such as whether you’ve been optioned, sold, produced and/or if you’ve won or placed well in any writing competitions or screenwriting contests. If you haven’t won a screenplay contest, or don’t have any such credentials, just say you’re a “new writer.” People, in general, can be very hopeful about things that are “new”! It might also help your opening by adding a sincere sentence that in some way compliments the person or the company you’re pitching.

Next, include a paragraph that places your script in context by naming its genre and comparing it to a recent commercially successful film that is similar to yours in its content and/or tone. Additionally, you might also want to compare it to a classic film that is similar to yours in its content and/or tone.

Now it’s time to talk about your story. Here, keep things short and sweet by conveying the key elements of your plot as clearly and as concisely as possible. Introduce the main character, her dilemma and her goal, and then explain what she will have to accomplish to overcome her obstacles. Next, without giving away the ending, hint at how the story might be resolved.

Screenplay Guidelines:

When registering to pitch a project to industry executives at Sons of S Productions, you’re required to submit an original Title, Logline and Synopsis of the project, in addition to other elements of the project’s profile (subjects and themes) that may apply, which together creates a “Treatment”. Below are some basic definitions with a bit of guidance for each. This should provide some specific insight for understanding how a pitch should be communicated for each main genre. There are no set rules, but there are some essential practices that help bring your pitch to life on the page.

  • What’s A Treatment?: [def.- A detailed pitch or summary of a story, format, or concept for the purposes of selling to entertainment industry executives. Length and content varies by genre, but will always include a Logline and Synopsis.]
  • Title: A great title is the first thing to draw in a Producer, and ultimately the viewers. It should be clever and clear. Clever, in the way the Title is unique, ironic, compelling or funny. Clear, in the way it tells what it is we’re going to see. Stay away from creative titles that are so off-the-mark there’s no clue or even indirect suggestion as to what the movie or tv show is about. Simple is great. Simple and creative is even better.
  • Logline: What’s a Logline? A one or two sentence short pitch that gives the main objective of a story or concept, as well as any unique hook or twist. It does take talent to boil down your overall concept into a one-two punch for a great logline, so practice writing several until you hit on the right message that will hook a potential buyer’s interest in the project. Here’s a few approaches…
  • Logline for Screenplay or Movie Concept: Focus on the main character of the story and his or her agenda. You want to focus on the unique premise and circumstances that fuel the story.
  • Logline for Scripted TV Series: Its all about character and circumstances. Key on the main character’s unique circumstances and overall agenda through the series.experience or path in the story.
  • Synopsis for Screenplay or Movie Concept: This may be 1 to 7 pages, covering the major and critical plot points as they unfold in your screenplay or concept. If your story or concept is fully developed, specify Acts 1, 2 and 3 in your format. You’ll want to focus on writing a very compelling set-up and circumstances for the main character. Focus most of the synopsis’ writing on their journey, the conflicts and challenges they encounter, any unique twists of irony, and of course a climax or resolution that is compelling and unique. Be efficient and avoid too much expository writing. Every sentence needs to move the story forward, and every paragraph needs to enrich the plot and build quickly toward the third act and climax.
  • Synopsis for Scripted TV Series: This may be 2 to 5 pages. Focus on the main character, the world we’re discovering through them, and the circumstances of their life. Provide detailed character descriptions to illustrate their relationship dynamics. Detail a sample episode outline for the pilot (a few paragraphs), and perhaps a list of possible episode premises.

How to Apply:

Please email your submissions to:

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