“Some Are Born” Casting Call to Actors

Casting Actors for Feature Film

The low budget feature film, “Some Are Born” is currently in the pre production stages and is looking to cast actors. Auditions will be held January 20th-February 1st in East Lansing, MI. Shooting is scheduled for May 20th-June 10th, 2013.


A young man named Brian embarks on his exciting journey that is his freshman year of college. As most young men do, his focus quickly shifts from the experiences of classes to all the beautiful women on campus. In an effort to court a certain woman, he meets a young couple named Marty and Carol. After a night of sex between the three, Brian becomes engrossed in their world of drugs and anonymous sexual activity. Soon, he is convinced to sell drugs to all the willing students on campus, making a large profit for the three of them. As his business begins to boom and he is absorbed in the lifestyle, Brian becomes more and more powerful on campus. However, with all that power brings friends and enemies alike. After alliances change, it becomes clear that Marty is a born psychopath, caring only about his own sex and drug filled lifestyle. Brian soon understands that he must choose whether or not to leave the lifestyle he has built, risking a confutation with the Marty.

Available Roles:

  • Brian Walters: Brian is the protagonist of the film. He is a 19-year-old boy who begins a new chapter of his life when he moves away to college for the first time. All seems well until he meets a young couple, Marty and Carol. They introduce him to the world of drugs and promiscuous sex, and soon his life spirals out of control.
  • Marty: Marty is a man in his late 20’s. Selling drugs keeps a roof over his head and helps fund his avant-garde films, which he works on with his girlfriend and numerous other willing participants. Over the years he has used his sexuality to dominate younger men into selling drugs for him and helping him with other odd jobs, however as the film moves forward he begins to lose his grip on Brian, which causes his whole world to fall apart. In short, Marty is a psychopath with some violent and disturbing tendencies, which causes fallout for all involved in his schemes.
  • Carol: Carol is a woman in her late 20’s. She is Marty’s boyfriend, and she too is heavily involved in his drug dealing lifestyle. She also uses sex to manipulate certain individuals. Throughout the film, she starts to see the true nature of Marty, which draws her away from him and into Brian’s waiting arms.
  • Betty: Betty is a young college woman, and his classified as “Brian’s best friend.” She is a free spirit, but never falls too out of line. She has been involved in smoking marijuana, and she isn’t opposed to the lifestyle as a whole. However, she becomes distraught when she discovers the change that Brian has gone under, and she does not approve. She soon gives him an ultimatum; either the lifestyle or her friendship.
  • Bigman: Bigman is a mid-20’s African American man who has an instant connection with Brian. He soon becomes Brian’s bodyguard, a position that becomes a necessity fairly quickly. His asthma is his only weakness, which proves to be crippling.
  • Myrna: Myrna is a young 18-year-old woman who lives on the same floor as Brian. She is a beautiful girl, and she quickly catches Brian’s attention. Unfortunately for him, she does not return his advances. As Brian’s power begins to build, so does her admiration for him. It is, however, apparent that the sex and drug lifestyle is more important to her than a relationship with Brian.
  • Guy: Guy is a 20-year-old man who buys his drugs from Brian. He is a young hotshot, coming from a long line of old money. His upbringing has molded him into a selfish man, which causes a rift between himself and Brian. This soon leads to a rivalry between the two, which inevitably leads to violence.
  • DJ: DJ is one of Brian’s most loyal customers, and soon becomes a vital member of his posse. He is a wild college student, with long hair and a constant high on some sort of narcotic. He too becomes so involved with the party lifestyle that it consumes him.
  • Mr. Walters: Mr. Walters is Brian’s dad. He is very nervous seeing his only child going away to school, and his fears soon become realized as he begins to sense the transformation his son has taken.
  • Susan/Jamie: Susan and Jamie are Myrna’s closest friends, following her into nearly every endeavor. They are both just as gorgeous, and just as consumed with the party lifestyle.


We are a low budget film. Extremely low budget. However, we will be paying our actors a daily wage. Exact number is still to be decided, but it will be no less than $50 dollars a day for all actors.

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied.

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  1. Zachera Wollenberg says:

    Dennis Corsi told me to mention his name in my submission. I am a last semester Senior at MSU. I am graduating with a BFA in acting. Thank you for your consideration!

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