“So Help Me God” Stageplay Auditions (Detroit, MI)

Seed Time and Harvest Productions

"So Help Me God" Stageplay Auditions

Seed Time and Harvest Productions (STH) is casting actors for the stageplay “So Help Me God”. Submissions are only being accepted until Friday, May 6th.

Story Line:

Two long lost brothers, who struggle to find their purpose in life are reunited under terrible circumstances. One being a down on his luck lawyer who has never won a case, and one being a brother who has just been charged with murder. Jason Thompson, the lawyer, agrees to represent him after finding out there is no one else that will. Many twist and turns ensue and many characters will sway them in different directions along the way. They both go on a quest for the truth, even if it is a truth they both do not want to except. Along the way, they find out more about their family, about each other, and about themselves.

Each character is vitally important to the stage play, each character has a major influence on the characters as well as the audience. When it is all said and done, after the case is over, its up to the audience to decide how the play is going to end.

Available Roles:

  • DETECTIVE MAXWELL: Late 20’s early 30’s, inexperienced detective. He is a hotshot and trigger happy detective who is excited about his first real case. He often annoys his seasoned partner with his antics. As they get deeper and deeper into the case, he starts to worry and get scared. [This person should be able to be funny yet very serious in certain situation. Also very energetic] (lead)
  • DETECTIVE TURNER: Late 40’s early 50’s, seasoned cop, has seen it all before. He is not easily fazed by anything that happens in the city, and its safe to say that this is his last case before retirement. Hard as nails, no nonsense type of cop, and he knows how to get to the bottom of things. This person should be easygoing but also stern (lead)
  • MOTHER: Late 40’s. Really sweet woman, who has been through a lot. She loves her family and will do anything to keep them together. She has realized that the only thing she can do about it is pray. This person should be able to show a wide range of emotions
  • MR. BARNS: Late 40’s early 50’s. Easygoing character, head of the law firm Jason works for. He hates his job along with Jason, but he figures that this is really it for him so he makes the most of it. He usually tries to mentor young lawyers such as Jason. When it comes to law, he has seen it all. He is a man who looks back on his life and is somewhat disappointed because he never took the change to step out and took the cases that would’ve really put him amongst the best.
  • MS. WASHINGTON: Late 20’S, James’ girlfriend who has been called to testify in court against him. She has stuck by his side with his daughter while James lived a dangerous life in the streets. Should be able to show a wide range of emotions.
  • SARA GORDON: Late 20’s, young ambitious cut throat lawyer who always….and I mean always wins her case. When is no nonsense, and she seeks to demolish her opponents every time. She is called in to be the prosecutor in the case. She is ranked one of the best lawyers in the country. This person should be very stern, and quick witted. (lead)
  • TONY DIXON: Late 20’S Early 30’S, He is a arrogant egotistical guy who cares nothing about himself. Him and Jason never liked each other. They went to the same law school. He is one of the best lawyers in the city and is renowned for the cases he has taken. Saying he is full of himself would be an understatement. This person should be able to be very stern but relaxed. (lead)
  • TRACY JACKSON: Early 50’s The only witness to actually “witness” the crime. She is someone who claims she saw James the night of the murder running past her with a weapon. She is the key to the trial, and the only hope James might have in winning the case. Should be able to show a wide range of emotions.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshot and resume to: arthurcartwright@ymail.com

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