“Snatchers” Casting Actors for Student Film (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Call Call for Female Actors

Hi my name is Brandon I’m a 21 year old video production student looking for two more actors for my film called “SNATCHERS“. I need two females ages 18-25 two fill the roles of two females in my film. There is no pay for this “gig” unfortunately but I will provide anyone who has worked on this film a finished DVD copy of the film. That’s the best I can do. And of course you’ll be in the credits.

Please contact me ASAP as the end of the semester for school is drawing near. I have 4 weeks to complete this project. There will be 1-2 days of shooting and that will be all that is required from actors. I will provide a copy of the script to anyone that it would imply. My contact email is branbon7@yahoo.com.

Seriously Inquiries Only PLEASE!!!!!

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