“Slash Fiction” Casting Call for U of M Thesis Film (Ann Arbor, MI)

Casting Lead and Supporting Roles

My name is Dave Devries, and I am the Executive Producer for a senior thesis film that is being made this year at the University of Michigan. We are looking for actors for all of the parts, which range from main characters with many lines and scenes (experience desired!) and also smaller rolls.

About the Film:

The short film, Slash Fiction, is written and will be directed by Liann Kaye. Liann is a very talented and experienced student filmmaker, having made music videos for My Dear Disco and Charlene Kaye, as well as videos for Live Michigan, a charity event here at UofM, the M-Agination film festival at the Michigan Theater, and more.

Slash Fiction is the story of a young librarian who is left feeling alone and out of place in her cooky cutter world. By taking the personalities of others, Penelope eventually finds her voice in what may seem to be an unexpected venue. The film will be stylized, drawing our influences from such films as Edward Scissorhands and The Stepford Wives.


  • Penelope – (20’s-30’s) the protagonist of the film. a shy quirky girl who expresses the majority of her thoughts through non-verbal communication. She loses herself in books, and avoid contact with her co-workers. Looking for an actress who can express a diverse emotional palette visually.
  • Marisa – (30’s-40’s) the opposite of penelope, and the film’s antagonist. loud, abrasive, obtuse and cruel, her emotions at times get the best of her and is prone to to losing her temper quickly.
  • Jan/Peggy – (30’s-40’s) co-workers of Penelope, cruel, manipulative, eager to accommodate Marisa, insecure.
  • Marty – (40’s-50’s) a wise, paternal type figure. A veteran of the library, he manages the staff and acts as a sort of father figure, and emotional bedrock to his crazy female staff.
  • Scott – (20’s-30’s) Penelope’s love interest of the story, confident, friendly, attractive but has his own curious hobbies, which immediately catch Penelope’s interest.

SMALLER ROLES (you will have a speaking part):

  • Ana – (20’s-40’s) sex therapist, full of confidence, loves saying things just for the shock value
  • Ed – (60’s-older) grumpy old man, atheist, conservative, intellectual, pretentious
  • Tybalt – (20’s-30’s) gay, flamboyant, sassy
  • Bryan – (15’s-19’s) nerdy, obsessed with alien conspiracies
  • Carly – (15-19) shy, insecure
  • Mildred – (30’s-40’s) housewife, gloomy, depressed, secretly asexual
  • The Moor – confident, friendly, attractive but has his own curious hobbies preferably of Indian, African, or Middle-Eastern decent
  • Mother – (30’s-older) caring, tearful, proud, triumphant
  • Little Boy – (8-12) cheerful, adventurous
  • Record Store Owner – (30’s- older) washed up, nostalgic, intense
  • Catholic Woman – (25-older) devout, holier than thou, bossy, self righteous


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in being a part of this incredible short film please email: SlashFictionFilm@gmail.com

NOTE: In the email, please attach a head-shot and resume, and make sure you put the character(s) that you are interested in trying out for in the title. We will get back to you shortly regarding when the tryouts will be.

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  1. ashley archey says:

    im 15 years old acting is what Ive always wanted to do, im very good with my emotions and know how to handle then i can be sad and depressed or i can be happy or bubbly any mood you name it i can do it.

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