“Singularity” Web Series Casting Call

Casting Actors and Actresses for Remaining Roles

Epyon Entertainment will be holding a casting call to fill the remaining roles for their newest POC, “Singularity”. Looking for actors age 20 and older.  Shooting takes place in Ann Arbor, MI.


A futuristic story about super-powered human beings.

Available Roles:

  • Martin Angel: (Male, age range: Late 40’s to early 50’s) Currently the CEO of Hammerfell Security Concepts. Martin, a former agent of MI-5 join Hammerfell on it advisor board four years before becoming it’s CEO. Master business man and militarily minded, as CEO of Hammerfell Martin has taking the company to new heights. Often charismatic and attuned to his image and importance of appearances, consumed by career; every activity is tinged with corporate position. There is no distance between work and play for Martin, every second of everyday is about the growth of Hammerfell.
  • Jonas Norton: (Male, age range: Late 30’s early 40’s) Currently the Chief of Operations of Hammerfell Security Concept. Jonas is a very hard military man that has worked for Hammerfell for 15 years. However, during the last two years as the COO, his short time has transformed Hammerfell R & D programs and projects and push them to the bleeding edge of military technology in the world. Jonas is Martin Angel’s right hand man and the stick to Martin’s carrot.
  • Theresa Dougan: (Female, age range: Late 20’s early 30’s) Acting CEO and President of the Foundation Corp. With Gavin Mills entering a coma Theresa Dougan was named by the board of the Foundation Corp at the age of 28. Like most that work in the higher levels of the Foundation Theresa is quite gifted in business management and mathematics. Stunningly beautiful and charming, Theresa uses all her abilities and more to further her gains within and for the Foundation Corp. Theresa is objective and realistic with the intent upon exercising and maintaining control of the Foundation Corp against those who may not see the wisdom within her vision.


These are not paid roles however a full acting credit will be received along with DVD copy of shorts, auditions to the pilot production, food and gas money.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your head shot and resume to: singularityseries@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email. Upon applying you will receive a copy of the script so that you are prepared and familiar with it **Auditions will be done via videotape**

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