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Sing Out On Sundays

This World Premiere Comedy play is about an R&B radio station, WTRC, where everybody has an opinion but Rockin’ Robbie DuPree has to decide whether to do what’s right… or do what’s right for him. Geneva and Brother Singleton want him to stand up and be a man but Robbie wants to mind his business and stay employed. Either way, Sunday’s broadcasts will never be the same at 1350 AM Radio, WTRC. Don’t miss this brand new Comedy starring Council Cargle, Sean Rodriguez-Sharpe and Lisa McCormick, where DJ’s kick out the R&B jams through the week and the weekend brings forth live studio guests who “Sing Out On Sundays.”

“Sing Out On Sundays” is written by Reuben Yabuku, Buku Productions Theatre Company’s Artistic Director. This marks Mr. Yabuku’s 6th original play to be brought to production following the success of “Hit The Floor Dancin’,” “Moms Mabley The Naked Truth,” “Little Ghetto Boy: The Donny Hathaway Tribute Concert,” “Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round” and “Rock My Soul.”

Audition Details:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Historic Little Rock Resource Center (Lighthouse Theatre inside)
8801 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202
(At the corner of Gladstone – 3 blocks south of Clairmount)

Available Roles:

Some roles have already been cast but all roles listed below are still available.

  • Geneva McIntosh: WTRC Radio Office Manager who is having a so-called “secret” romance with DJ and Program Director, Robbie DuPree. She’s bossy, on a short fuse and, though it’s not her job to do so, she basically runs the station… like a Pit Bull.
  • Bill Schwartz: Caucasian Engineer at station WTRC. He has flashes of hip-ness. He’s not a phony, he’s really comfortable in this R&B environment even though he has a Pop background. Schwartz and DJ, Robbie DuPree, are best friends.
  • Thomas Hoye: Young, Black Board-Op(erator) for the church shows at remote locations. Thomas complains a lot but is a hard worker. He has a wonderful, wise-cracking and sarcastic friendship with Brother Singleton, whose show he Board-Op’s for.
  • Joan Alexander: WTRC’s boisterous and cocky News Director and Broadcaster at a radio station where news has very little importance; she’s a one-woman news department. She’s more popular and successful in her mind than she is with the listening public. Joan flirts with Robbie DuPree a lot so she is hated by Geneva, Robbie’s girlfriend.
  • Pierre Leyton: Slick, skirt-chasing Record Promoter. He hangs around the station so much, he’s almost like a station employee. He flirts with the receptionist, Trina, but anyone else who falls for his charms will do as well. Pierre talks hip and is never really serious. He loves his “pretend-world” life and all the perks that come with it.
  • Deacon Herb: Deacon Herb is a Ventriloquist and straight man to Pastor Woody, his wooden Ventriloquist Dummy. Deacon Herb is not very good at Ventriloquism, moving his mouth more than most and Pastor Woody is a Dummy with an attitude.
  • 2 Cops: Two uniformed Cops are in one scene. One cop is male and one is female. They are serious professionals but the male steps out of character a little when he is star struck by meeting Newscaster, Joan Alexander.


Some roles will receive compensation.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshot and resume to: info@singoutonsundays.com

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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