“Simon Says” Auditions and Casting Call for Actors

Filmic Productions Presents… “Simon Says” Auditions

Filmic Productions is holding auditions in Ann Arbor for the film “Simon Says”.


Simon is great at his job. He’s worked at Equity Corp. for 5 years now and is frequently rewarded Employee of the Month; however, this is not your typical place of employment. Workers at Equity Corp are assigned to cause accidents, thereby ‘leveling the playing field’ and increasing fairness in the world. They sit behind their desks in front of their operation boards, pressing unique combinations of buttons and levers that trigger specific accidents for specific targets to encounter. When a threat to expose the company is made, Simon is charged with bringing down the suspected culprit – a local TV reporter. As Simon sends accidents his way he begins to question the intentions behind his work and the impact it has on both himself and humanity.

Audition Details:

Saturday, February 18th from 11:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday, February 19th from Noon to 4:00pm

Michigan Union – Room # 2105B
530 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Tentative Shoot Dates: March 9/10/11, 16/17/18, 31 April 1, 6/7/8 (four weekends) You will be asked to include a list of conflicts with your audition information.

Available Roles:

  • Simon: (M, 25-45) cares about fairness above all other things. Equity Corp gives him the chance to deliver fairness to others in a way that is highly rationalized and seemingly just. Although mousey, studious, and analytical, Simon has a heart for people at the end of day, and that inevitably gets him into trouble with the company.
  • The Boss: (M, 35-50) is ultimately a company man. Suave and collected, the Boss manages Equity Corp with ease and style.
  • The Reporter: (M/F 25-30) wants to deeply investigate the world. The Reporter has uncovered some information about Equity Corp, and plans to use TV News to break this story.
  • Camera-person: (M/F, 23-30) works for News 8. Doing the job, doing it well.
  • Gas Station worker: (M/F, 17+) held at gunpoint on the job. Doesn’t have the best day at work…
  • Robbers: (M/F, 18-24) a team of somewhat-skilled petty thieves, these two have an (un?)fortunate run-in with Equity Corp’s work.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your head shot and resume to: filmic.simonsays@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include in your email your availability / preferred time slot. Monologues are great, but not required. We will have sides! Resume and headshot are appreciated. Total audition time will be about 15 minutes, and all auditions will be video recorded.

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