Wooded Short Horror Film Casting (Ortonville, MI)

Looking for:

Hand ( boom mic operator, script supervisor, make-up, general hand) with some back stage experience.

1 female, 19 yrs to 25 yrs.
2 males, 19 yrs to 25 yrs.

The auditions are for a short horror film, that will start filming mid sept into early oct. mostly on weekends.
This is not a student film. No pay until the film makes a profit, gain experience and a good film under your belt. food is provided for long shoots.(most of them)

Please respond to the email listed below, send head shots, and other photos. Please include past experience (if applicable). When we receive all information we will contact you back. Please leave a email address and phone number.

Casting call will be soon!

Thank you

The email address is bigvic_4_2 @ hotmail.com

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