Short Film Casting – “Beneath the Surface” (Michigan)


Brief Synopsis
Beneath The Surface is a story that follows a young man (Shaun) who discovers a secret kept by his family in this story on how past mistakes can effect the future of others.

5 Breakdowns

Alina – Biracial Female (Black/White) – Girlfriend to the main character, Very polite and soft spoken, wears her heart on her sleeve. (must be comfortable with a little kissing)

Ms. Edwards – Black Female – Late 40s – Mother to the lead character. is very kind spirited, loves to bake, speaks with candor.

Mr. White – Black Male – early 50s – Father to the lead character. Stubborn, thinks hes always right, Is a bit of a racist but pretends like hes not.

Robert White – Black male late 60 early 70s – Father to Mr. White and grandfather to lead character. Laid back, speaks his mind a little too much, and a bit of a womanizer

Alicia – Black female 18-20 – Alinas half younger sister very beautiful, very seductive and manipulative. (Must be comfortable with Kissing)

Filming days will be on Saturdays and Sundays for three weekends beginning in mid july. The following characters except for Alina will only be needed for one day no more than two.

*There is no nudity or half nudity in this project (just in case you were wondering ladies)*
No pay but there will be FOOD and SWEETS say YAY !!! (yay)

Email headshot and resume to
Roshaun Page

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