“Shift Happens” Auditions for Television Pilot

Casting Call for Supporting Cast

Casting for a television pilot “Shift Happens” (working title). The four main characters are cast, but we are seeking a strong supporting cast, some roles for one episode and others for recurring roles if the pilot does well in online distribution. Auditions will take place May 22nd and 23rd from 6:00pm to 10:00pm in Ann Arbor on the University of Michigan’s campus.


Jim Bishop and his best friend and fellow James James A. Janisse, JAJ to his friends, have been living in Bishop’s uncle’s apartment building since graduating college. Bishop has been working as building manager to save for law school while JAJ has been biding time as superintendent until he takes a swanky job offer in New York. When Bishop’s cousin Victoria “Vic” Bogusz is handed the keys to the building to “teach her responsibility” and the building’s tenants get fed up with JAJ’s lack of handyman skills, the Jameses’ best friend dream turns into a nightmare. Together with their old roommate-now neighbor Joel, the Jameses and Vic try to balance adult responsibility with childhood dreams in the shift from one to the other.

Available Roles:

  • MRS. SARENSEN: Middle aged woman (40s-50s) living alone, possibly with cats. Timid and doesn’t like confrontation, but persistent enough when something’s troubling her. Fairly attractive. She lives in the apartment building and was recently seduced by JAJ, which she retroactively feels guilty about.
  • FRANK: Middle-aged male(40s-50s) Should be physically intimidating but also a little creepy. It’s implied that masturbation is an important facet of his life. He’s also very angry at JAJ (main character) for some unknown reason, likely revolving around some kind of sexual pass on one of Frank’s loved ones.
  • ELDERLY TENANT: Female or male (70s+) who doesn’t quite understand the complexities of cable television. Probably one of those tenants who watches TV way too loudly.
  • STEVE: African American male in his early 20s. The greatest human being to ever live. All sorts of awesome. Major role, recurring character.
  • ASHLEIAH: 21 year old female who’s a pretty stereotypical sorority chick. Uninterested in many points of discussion; doesn’t get a lot of references and isn’t interested in learning about them. In college ostensibly for an English major; in reality, it’s to get HER DRANK ON!
  • JESSI: Young bartender/waitress, probably late 20s. Cool, no-nonsense, hip. Doesn’t buy into Steve’s “Captain America” shtick and finds Joel to be adorably awkward. Very down-to-earth and chill. Likely a recurring character.
  • MR. BOSCO: (50s) A very large and physically intimidating Polish man. Speaks broken English and lives in broken hygiene. Anger issues, as evidence by his tendency to punch holes into walls. Jealous of anyone who eyes his wife.
  • MRS. BOSCO: (40s-50s) A middle-aged Polish housewife. Speaks broken english. Yearns for some good ole fashioned lovin’.


These are not paid roles.  If the show is picked up, we expect the budget to extend enough to pay regulars and some recurring roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in auditioning, please email your headshot and resume to: shift.happens.show@gmail.com

NOTE: Sides and an exact audition location will be provided upon submission.

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