“Setup” Extras Casting Call for Real Style (Grand Rapids, MI)

Extras Casting for New 50 Cent Film

Real Style Specialty Extras Casting Call

Real Style is currently casting extras for the new 50 Cent film “Setup”. The film will be shot in Grand Rapids, MI with a cast of 50 Cent, Bruce Willis, Omar J. Dorsey, Jordan Trovillion and Richard Goteri. “Setup” is an action film centered around a diamond robbery and a double-cross. Filming is scheduled to start on November 28th.


These roles are paid positions.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this role please contact Real Style at: info@realstyleonline.com

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127 Responses to ““Setup” Extras Casting Call for Real Style (Grand Rapids, MI)”

  1. Sara says:

    30 year old (look younger) 5’6 brunette, thin. Would love a chance to get to work on a set.

  2. Mike & Linda Jones says:

    My name is Mike Jones, am 64 years old, and recently retired. My wife Linda (looks more like my daughter) is 57, and has been in a wheelchair since she was two years old. We love the movies, and would love to appear in one, whether in the foreground, background, wherever you think we would be a good fit. Neither one of us has any experience, but I think we could do about anything you wanted, without any difficulty.

  3. Christina R. says:

    Hello, I am a 5′ 10″, 140 lbs, sexy (french, dutch, and irish) redheaded bartender. Need I say more:)

  4. stefanie and faith fessenden says:

    My daughter and I would love a chance to play extras. I’m 5’3 long brownhair with reddish tint. med. large built(166) with brown eyes. my daughter just turned 21 months. is is almost 3 ft. weights 24lbs fully clothed and has red curly hair and brown eyes. she can sign. speak spanish and a lil german. loves getting pics takenn and taking them. I’m a stay at home mom. who just moved back from il but was bornn here and lived in mi for 22 yrs. My hubby has to commute. so we only see him on the weekend. it was a sm scarifice to live closer to family. I have experience from school but I have a very good memory. my daughter takes directions very well. if u would like more info or pics. just contact us. were out in muskegon.

  5. Mike Schulte says:

    Hi’ I am Mike Schulte, I am 57, 190 lbs. 5’9.5″ with a gray brown beard and full head if hair. I drive trucks, motorcycles, heavy equipment. I am proficient with most fire arms and am a good shoot (not that it matters to you). I have lost two good jobs in the last 4 years and am back in school. I was a bakery worker for 20 years and a dump truck owner operator for 8 years. I still have a cherry 1977 Kenworth dump truck that is available and I own two old Harley’s a 1965, and 1990. I have a class A drivers license with a doubles certification. I learn fast, work hard, show up on time and stay late. I have yet to find anything I can’t do… well… algebra does give me some trouble, but I am stilling trying. I like to go fast and am at home on a motor cycle. The only thing I fear in life is the loss of my family. So… I hope I have something you can use.

  6. Dick Cunningham says:

    Interested in being either an actor or an extra!

  7. Ken Kibby says:

    I live in Grand Rapids and very knowledgible of the City of GR. (work for City) I would like you to consider me for any role. Also have experience from my years as a Disc Jockey and professional sound/stage work all over US. Age 42, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes–200 pounds, 6 ft, very experienced with performing in front of cameras and large crowds from my weddings performed.

  8. Bri Caminitti says:

    Hi! I’m about 5’3″, 135lbs and would love to be either an extra or an actor! I’ve been in a student film, received the lead role.

  9. Tricia Murphy says:

    I am 61 yrs. old. Retired would love a chance to be an extra. I am on Time, stay late if need to. No experience, willing to learn… Thank You!!

  10. kasey Gill says:

    im 17 and a big guy

  11. MaryJo Gaffney says:

    Redhead by birth, now by mixing to match my envelope-hair: auburn. 58 years-old but folks tell me I look more like 48. Interested in any part, even if not as an extra or actor. Contact me
    & whatever job I have, you won’t be sorry. 9 years successful sales experience and 23 years as teacher.

  12. Kelly Stark says:

    Would love to be an extra!

  13. mark glavas says:

    worked around the industry yrs ago when I leaved in las vegas.I would love to be an extra bring I just retired.

  14. Amanda Conrardy says:

    I’m 25, little, cute, and funny to sum it up. Sounds like a fun opportunity and would love the experience.

  15. Rebeca Arredondo says:

    I’m a 24yrs old female, passionate for art, cinematography and photography are my life and passion, I would love to be part of this movie, either as extra or helping out backstage.

    I need to start having experience and sore stuff to add in my curriculum for my professional carrier and this will be the best opportunity since its local, I’ve live in Grand Rapids for over 6 years and Its really exiting that big and great opportunities are staring to happen local.

  16. Jordon Haan says:

    6’0 physically fit male short dark hair some tattoos on forearms. itali

  17. Hope Adair says:

    I’m a 45yr old caucasian female. I’m 5’3″. I was an extra in a film this summer unpaid and thought it might be fun again, especially if it were paid.

  18. Elisabeth Acton says:

    Female 47, 5’4″ blonde highlights. Great smile! (Great Orthodontist!) Would love the opportunity to be part of something big. I can even run cocoa to the actors. Just sounds fun! Thanks, Elisabeth

  19. T. Smith says:

    Hello! Checking to see if your still looking? Female, strong, great energy, 5’7, 140, friendly, adventorus and very witty! Also, have a greatly behave, to cute chiu- mix that does a dozen tricks! :D

  20. Jan the movie says:

    Female, 62, 5’2′” blue eyes, articulate. Great shape. Great personality. Perfect for any role that requires action. Would love to be part of the movie , “Set up”. Please contact.

  21. Renee Johnson says:

    Female 29, I’ll be 30 January 12th. I am 5’6″ strawberry blonde and physically fit. I am currently pregnant with my first child due January 9th. I usually weight about 145lbs but being pregnant i am at 171lbs. Still small, in shape and looking good! Would love to have an opportunity like this, been waiting along time. I did alittle modeling but never took off. I am ambitious, a go-getter, would love at least to get a foot in on a position to work as an extra or just set up. If you need mor info or some photos just contact me!

  22. martin garcia says:

    im the age of 22. hispanic. heavy set guy.
    dark complected. looking for some extra cash
    now that i have a month old baby girl. i also wouldnt
    mind the experience and a chance to meet famous

  23. Duffy Magin says:

    Duffy Magin, 42, good looking bald man, 5’11”, 170 lbs. I take direction well and can be very spontaneous. I am very outgoing and would love an opportunity to show you!

  24. Brett says:

    27, male, clean cut, 5’8”, good shape, red hair, caucasian, very personable, follow direction well, would love to be part of this!

  25. Isela Benavides says:

    I was in two other movie starring 50 cent and would be interested in doing more…. I was an extra in gun and in things fall apart. im 5’5

  26. Amal Charara says:

    29 year old female, 5’4, 120 lbs, brunette, olive skin tone with light green eyes. Pays attention to details and very motivated. I’m very interested in being part of this.

  27. Eric Wilson says:

    44 year white male 174 lbs 5’8 good build would love to try out action preferred

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