“The Scream Project” & “Halloween” Short Film Casting Call

273 Productions & Aroberson Production Auditions

273 Productions & Aroberson Production

273 Productions in association Aroberson Production is casting for two shorts one being based off of The SCREAM Series and one being based off of the HALLOWEEN series. A casting call is being held in metro Detroit on September 15th from 9:00am to 12:00pm.


“THE SCREAM PROJECT”: Sarah and Drew are the creators of a new project they like to call “The Scream Project” based off the hit movie series Scream. Fan Films of these classic films are always being created by the franchise’s biggest fans, Sarah sees this as an opportunity to broadcast her skill and show that she is the biggest Scream Fanatic! She puts together this project which goes awry when the film becomes a reality! The brutality that this cast is about to witness is beyond the human imagination.

“HALLOWEEN”: Everyone knows the story of Michael Myers in the Halloween Series. Well these fans are creating their own Halloween Scene in this short film chronicling a late night at the office on Halloween, a small private party turns into a bloody disaster

Available Roles:


NOTE: All actors must be willing to get bloody and do small stunts. Each actor can make their character their own when they are giving their roles. All actors must be age 18 or older.


  • Sarah (NEEDED IN BOTH GROUPS): Director of the Film! Sarah is a slight ass but her goal is to finish her film no matter the stakes. (ANY-RACE)
  • Drew (NEEDED IN BOTH GROUPS): Co-Director of the film. Drew is Sarah’s right hand in this production (ANY-RACE)
  • Amanda: David’s Girlfriend. Actress in Sarah’s Film (ANY-RACE)
  • Edward (NEEDED IN BOTH GROUPS): Creepy, actor in Sarah’s film. (Caucasian Male)
  • David: Amanda’s boyfriend, Actor in the film (ANY-RACE)
  • Emily: Actor in the film. (ANY-RACE)


  • Michael: Smart guy and is very iffy about the entire project (African-American Male)
  • Jonathan: Jonathan is a true “ass hole” he is Michael’s friend and secretly has a like for Kimberly (Caucasian Male)
  • Mariah: Easily Scared (African-American Female)
  • Kimberly: A typical blonde, (according to director Sarah) but Kimberly is smarty, pretty, and preppy
    (Caucasian Female)


NOTE: All actors must be willing to get bloody and do small stunts. Each actor can make their character their own when they are giving their roles. Must be 21 or older — will portray teenagers. All characters must have a Halloween costume.

  • Jasper: Office Worker. Working late at the office (ANY RACE) (KISSING SCENE WITH JASMINE) Jasmine’s Boyfriend
  • Derrick: Security Guard working late shift (ANY RACE)
  • Helen: Security Guard Working late shift (ANY RACE)
  • Michael Myers: Killer (MUST BE TALL)
  • Jasmine: Rowdy, party hard blonde. (CAUCASIAN/BLONDE) (KISSING SCENE WITH JASPER)
  • Marvin: Secretly likes Dana (ANY RACE) (SMALL KISSING SCENE WITH DANA)
  • Dana: Secretly likes Marvin (ANY RACE) (SMALL KISSING SCENE WITH MARVIN)


These are not paid roles. Talent will receive Copy and Credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshots, resume and acting reel (optional) to: 273productions@gmail.com

NOTE: Please bring a copy of your resume and headshots to the audition. Audition location will be emailed upon submission.

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