“The Sad State of Magic” Casting Extras and Lead Roles (Grand Rapids, MI)

GVSU Senior Thesis Casting Call

A Grand Valley State University School of Film and Video Production Senior Thesis Written and directed by Scott Jamnik.

Genre: Dark Comedy
Logline: A divorced, alcoholic party magician seeks revenge on a man who has taken everything from him.
Shooting Dates: Shooting will take place in various locations around the Metro-Detroit area from November 5th Р7th.


  • Rob Martino: A forty-five year old party magician. Rob was once a celebrated illusionist, but once his wife left him for his apprentice, he succumbed to alcoholism. His career took a dive, and now Rob lives in bitter hatred for anything that reminds him of his past.
  • Harry Arnold: Rob’s agent. Harry is around fifty years old, balding, and has an ever-expanding beer gut. Harry is Rob’s anchor; he supports him when no one else will by finding him work at children’s birthday parties and the likes. He is a businessman who has always had trouble separating work from personal affairs. Riff Serra
  • Phym: Rob’s former apprentice. Riff is now a world famous illusionist, and an infamous womanizer. He is around thirty years old, physically fit, and extremely good-looking. After Rob’s wife left him for Riff, Riff moved to Europe and began his career. He is returning to America for state side tour.
  • Tishawnda: A seven year old, African American girl. Rob performs at her birthday party. She is clever and always questioning authority.


  • Audience members (around twenty people)
  • Groupie Girls (around 10 people)


Compensation for all roles is unpaid credit, but meals will be provided on set.

How to Apply:

Please e-mail a resume and headshot prior to auditioning, or bring copies with you on the date of your audition (if available). If you are interested in auditioning, please email me to set up a time and date. To request a copy of the script, or for further information, please e-mail: jamniks@mail.gvsu.edu

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