“Rosewood” Casting Call for Short Film

Auditions for Actors & Actresses

Casting actors for the short film, “Rosewood”. The film is scheduled to shoot after December 16th and into the first week of January (around the Holidays). Auditions will take place the week of December 9th in East Lansing. Auditions will be scheduled on an individual basis this week. Shooting will tale place in East Lansing and Traverse City/ Benzie County area. Looking for people who look like they are in high school, so college age is all right with us.


Jeremiah and Abigail are hopelessly stuck in their dreary hometown of Rosewood and hope to graduate and leave as soon as possible, but when a prank setup by a couple of jocks goes awry, Abigail is put in danger and Jeremiah becomes obsessed with avenging her.


  • Jeremiah: (17-18 yrs old, any ethnicity) He tries to stay away from his home and the overbearing presence of his parents, he has a strong will, is slightly introverted, and has many interests ranging from philosophy to Homer to Andy Warhol, he dabbles in many hobbies and loses interest quickly, his girlfriend Abigail being the only constant in his life, his cynicism and hope to move far away leads him to do just enough to get by in his schoolwork
  • Abigail: (17-18 yrs old, any ethnicity) Fragile, easily annoyed, in love with Jeremiah, Abigail was orphaned at a young age, she lives with her Aunt who isn’t the best role model, her activities involve exercise and being well read, she enjoys any and all cultures and has made it her mission to explore the world outside her small town, her studies are important to her plans
  • Daniel: (17-18 yrs old, any ethnicity) Head strong, egotistical, and self centered, Daniel is the captain of the football team and is all about preserving the massive hazing that goes on inside the workings of the football team, the rest of the players look to him to solve any problems that may arise
  • Chris: (16 yrs old, any ethnicity) Chris is quiet and his actions speak more so than he does, he is extremely loyal and doesn’t question much, a tool
  • Billy Boy: (18 yrs old, any ethnicity) He is large, a dunce, and also loyal to the team, he speaks loudly and carries a large stick, he’s rowdy and always looking for a laugh


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to: adamsran@msu.edu

NOTE: Auditions will be held on a first come first serve basis. Auditions will be held in East Lansing, MI until December 16th.

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