“ROADKILL: A LOVE STORY” Casting Call for Feature Length Thriller (Clarkston, MI)



“In the heart of small town America, a young man works his lazy days away at a car wash. His brother, the town sheriff, prays for action but drowns his sorrows instead in the bottle. A mysterious woman with a big white truck and an unquenchable blood lust comes to town in search for true love. Less than 72 hours later, in the town of Blood Springs, Michigan, there will only be one thing left: ROADKILL.”

ROADKILL is a feature-length psychological thriller to be filmed in Michigan. The movie is produced by Leahpar Productions, LLC and principal photography is scheduled to begin end of July 2010. Leahpar Productions, LLC intends to premiere ROADKILL at a festival and, once completed, set up screenings in Los Angeles and New York to sell it to a distributor. There are two more sequels in the planning.

We’re currently filling cast and crew positions (if you’re interested in a crew position, send info to crew@leahparproductions.com). All positions are unpaid.

If you’re an actor, please send your headshot and resume to cast@leahparproductions.com; we will send you sides end of May/beginning of June for upcoming auditions.

Roles (female):

LEAD – Taryn, 26-46, any ethnicity/race. Intelligent, psychotic serial killer who likes to run men over with her pick-up truck. Troubled past makes her look for love, but also indifferent to “accidents”. Has her own butcher shop and falls in love with Mitch (already cast), a young (younger than her) car wash employee. Juicy role with many great lines. Two love scenes (nude).

SUPPORTING – Imogen, 26-34, any ethnicity/race. Psychologist for the Michigan State Police, very professional, motivated and eager to help people with their problems. Girlfriend of Joe (already cast).

SUPPORTING – Angie, 18-26, any ethnicity/race. Works at an ice-cream shop, just out of high-school.

SUPPORTING – Pat, 18-26, any ethnicity/race. Works at an ice-cream shop, just out of high-school.

SUPPORTING – Mrs. Heather, 55-65, any ethnicity/race. Older nurse that cares about her patients.

Roles (male):

SUPPORTING – Walt, 18-26, any ethnicity/race. Works at the car wash, should be comedic actor or acting comedian.

SUPPORTING – Mr. Reeves, 45-85, any ethnicity/race. Owner of a car wash, older, very kind person who has seen a lot in his life.

SUPPORTING – Samson, 35-65, any ethnicity/race. Over-the-top self-proclaimed “sheriff” of the town, war veteran, loves guns, sarcastic.

SUPPORTING – Billy, 18-26, any ethnicity/race. Nice guy, college student type, gets run over by Taryn.

SUPPORTING – Don, 30-50, any ethnicity/race. Police Officer, older, been-there-done-that type.

SUPPORTING – Rick, 18-35, any ethnicity/race. Paramedic.

SUPPORTING – Bob, 18-35, any ethnicity/race. Paramedic.

SUPPORTING – Kyle, 18-35, any ethnicity/race. Paramedic.

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12 Responses to ““ROADKILL: A LOVE STORY” Casting Call for Feature Length Thriller (Clarkston, MI)”

  1. Alex says:

    I am interested in your post. Im a 22 years old male please contect me if interested i can send pictures and resume Thanks you

  2. Yvette Constantinovich says:

    I would like to apply for lead role. You can find out about me from Face Book Yvette Louise Constantinovich. (I am British born in London with a Ukranian/polish father and Mother from Scotland). I am a trained actress and editorial/fashion/sophisticated actress and model. Other places you can learn more about me are Star Now Esmerelda Gold ( a former acting name, but one which I quite like) and also on myspace I am Ladywiththemask. I am designing my web-site, but it is not finished yet. If you would like to talk to me, please email me and I will reply with my telephone number. The role looks like it’s up my street. I can fly to you for a meeting at your office at short notice. Regards Yvette. L. C.

  3. Danielle Henderson says:

    Hello! I’m interested in the role of angie. I’m 20 years old and have some film experience. Hope to talk to you soon!

  4. Adrianna Roberts says:

    Hi, I am Interested in playing the role of Angie or pat. I am 18 years old and just out of High School. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  5. Raphael Buechel says:

    Please submit headshot and resume to cast@leahparproductions.com, thanks.

  6. Bill says:

    I am interested. I’ve been in a dozen movies & commercials, some with lines. I live in Clarkston and have a very flexible schedule. I have owned businesses. I am a little over 40 and can play a variety of roles.

  7. Victor Pytko says:

    I’ve always been curious to know if people who leave comments also forward resumes and headshots? Written comments generally don’t reveal that and it would astound me to learn they do not. Paying attention is one of the most critical requirements for being an extra, so I wonder, do those who only leave comments ever make it?

  8. Haha says:

    Victor, I was wondering the same thing. They leave their name and age… how are you expecting them to contact you?

  9. DOZER. says:

    I’m in this movie as an extra in the background. yay! im walking with my friends.

  10. Denise says:

    I live in the town of Ortonville and thought the movie was being filmed there? Are you filming in Clarkston as well?

  11. NASA Glenn says:

    I am interested in your post. Im a 22 years old male please contect me if interested i can send pictures and resume Thanks you

  12. Barney says:

    I am interested in your post im 27 if interested contact me

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