“Risk Limit” Auditions for Actors & Extras (Ypsilanti, MI)

Auditions for “Risk Limit” Film

"Risk Limit" Casting Call

Auditions are being held on April 20th and 28th for actors and extras for the action/suspense/conspiracy thriller “Risk Limit”. Filming is scheduled to take place in the Ann Arbor area.


A hacker becomes involved with a mysterious group which leads to him being on the run from them and the government.

Available Roles:

Dress for the part – it may factor into our decision-making process.

  • CLIVE (aka “Anomaly” – hacker alias): Naturally talented hacker – has insatiable curiosity – compulsive puzzle solver – individualistic anti-social loner – holds a grudge – earns living by being a grey-hat hacker – above all, values his privacy and freedom
  • JINGWEI: A happy-go-lucky jolly good fellow – has an eidetic memory – Clive’s hacker friend whom he has never met before in person – loves eating peanuts – Has a shoe fetish – for some reason brings shoes up a lot
  • JINX: Another hacker friend of Clive’s – paranoid conspiracy theorist – prodigy hacker and decryption specialist – black-hat hacker with numerous cyber-criminal violations
  • The SPOOK (government Spy): Lifelong discipline – logical, cold, calculating – highly skilled and cross-trained in a variety of fields such as intelligence and self-defence – has access to most sophisticated technologies available – Allowed to conduct self-made black operations and pursue cases of his choosing with minimal supervision; highly autonomous – straight-to-the-point
  • STREET AGENT (FOR RISK LIMIT): A Risk Limit agent on the street – conducts “physical” tasks for Risk Limit – always on the call when he is needed – has no qualms about using his pistol when he has to
  • RISK LIMIT OPERATIVE: A man who disguises himself as an NSA agent – speaks with the street agent to gather intel – a die-hard for Risk Limit’s cause – anarchy and rebellion against the government – ready to die for the cause – a radical extremist – trained against torture
  • HOTSHOT AKA the DATA MINER: He extracts & analyzes patterns from large data sets, gaining actionable intelligence from raw data collected mostly from the Internet – an up-and-comer; hotshot; renegade; loose-cannon – Heavy smoker – douchebag
  • HEAD HONCHO: Had of a secret government agency – a grizzled veteran – tough guy with an intimidating presence – stands with arms crossed most of the time
  • RISK LIMIT CREEP: A creepy voice that contacts Clive and Jinx at different points – unknown who the voice is coming from – gives Clive cryptic clues, taking advantage of his natural propensity for puzzle-solving – manipulative and maniacal – finds misfortune amusing
  • G-MEN: Anonymous, sharp-dressed agents of a secret government agency – display no emotion – dress in all black except for white button-up shirt (black shades, tie, coat, slacks, and shoes) – they are there to do their job and do it well – without drawing undue attention to themselves – callous professionals
  • OFFICE WORKERS / PEDESTRIANS: People working in the secret government agency and people on the street
  • 2 VOICES: Unseen Risk Limit Operatives – conducting an operation over some kind of telecommunications – set a trap in the beginning for the Hotshot – once they find where he is, they send in the street agent

Audition Details:

  • April 20th, 2011
    Room 330 and 350 from 2:30pm until 7:00pm
  • April 28th, 2011
    Room 300 and 302 from 2:30pm until 8:00pm

Eastern Michigan University
Student Center Building
900 Oakwood Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please confirm which audition day you will be attending by sending an email to: Rickswan.email@gmail.com

NOTE: Please bring a copy of your resume and headshot to the audition.

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3 Responses to ““Risk Limit” Auditions for Actors & Extras (Ypsilanti, MI)”

  1. Dennis Bolton says:

    i will be attending the april 28th audition for the street agent, G-Men ,government spy, etc.

  2. Gracia Johnson says:

    I will be attending the auditions on April 28th auditioning for the voice of the “Unseen Risk Limit Operative” , and extras.

  3. Mark A White says:

    I will be there on April the 28th auditioning for the part of Risk Limit Operative /Government agent.

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