“Rise to Fame” Casting Call for Actors & Crew in Michigan


Hi-Jacked Productions
A Stewart / Keyes Film

Filming locations: Lansing, Flint, Pontiac, Troy and Bloomfield Hills in Michigan.

This film will be a union production with both SAG and IATSE. We are looking to cast background extras, crew and a few minor roles for the film “Rise to Fame”.


A struggling high school wrestler dealing with the death of his father while at the same time suffers from the family financial issues and school, holding onto what keeps him inspired; wrestling. The school hires a wrestling coach, Terrell Jacobs, who starts a program that will initially make its way towards mainstream wrestling.


We are currently is in talks with Dwayne Johnson to play as Coach Terrell Jacobs, from what we have so far due to his current schedule at the moment, Dwayne has already given us a good feedback on the storyline and we plan to start filming sometime in October after Dwayne finishes with Fast Five.

Extras Casting:

We will need non-union background performers as ringside fans, students, teachers, parents and security guards.

Available Roles:

  • Mark Watkins – Caucasian Male He is a student who signs on to the Wrestling Program, he becomes friends with Thomas and joins him in a wrestling tag team. Marks is slight built and is also a martial artist learning Jujitsu, that he uses in the wrestling program.
  • Kenny Johnson – African American Male He is Thomas’s friend since middle school and enjoys hip-hop, Kenny’s nick-name is Beazt who is also a underground rapper. He joins the Wrestling Program and is somewhat of a joker that makes everyone laugh. Mark is built, from head to toe. Ms.
  • Gwen Roberts – Caucasian / African American Female She is the supervisor of the Wrestling Program, in charge of the entire scene. Gwen will have a love interest in Coach Terrell Jacobs (Dwayne Johnson) later on the storyline Terrell and Gwen will kiss, Gwen is a beautiful and smart women and she teaches part time Social Studies class. We will be very interested in everyone who applies for this role, as you will be kissing Dwayne Johnson.
  • Tyler S. Matthews – Caucasian Male He is the antagonist in this story, he is the high school bully that likes to tear at freshmans and ruin the hallways. After getting caught because of Thomas, he joins the Wrestling Program to inflict as much pain as he can to Thomas. Tyler is semi-built and intimidating, he has a small beard growing and always angry at the littlest things.
  • Briana Collin – Caucasian Female She is the love interest of Thomas (the main protagonist), who is also the love interest of Tyler (the antagonist). She dislikes violence so she ignores both of them, she will though later on accept Thomas’s love. Briana is a sexy cheer leader and team captain of the cheer leading squad.
  • Samantha – Caucasian / African American Female She is a cheer leader and best-friend of Briana and she has a love interest in Thomas, she dislikes Tyler because he had robbed her of her money while she was a freshman. Samantha is seen always talking on her cell-phone and texting in class, Samantha likes to smoke weed and she drinks heavy during parties.
  • Coach Terrell Jacobs – Dwayne Johnson Screen / Stunt Double We are looking for anyone who can resemble Dwayne Johnson in height and body, face is of no issue. If you can also perform extra stunts for Mr. Johnson, that would also be great as well. We are also looking to fill many smaller speaking and non-speaking roles.

Film Crew:

We are also looking for two positions as of now to help prepare us for the film:

  • Assistant Art Director – Must have experience, we prefer to have a multi-media art director for ads, flyers, posters and many more being used in the film, and you will receive credit towards Iatse, compensation will be discussed.
  • Production Office – We need workers with experience to help our crew ready for the film, you will be compensated and earn credits towards Iatse.


Background performers will earn $80 / 8 Hours. SAG vouchers available for Cast and IATSE credits offered.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume, headshots to Kenneth R. Baker: hijackproduction@aol.com

NOTE: If you are applying for a role, you must send us the required materials otherwise we will not be contacting you what so ever; Resume Headshot Sizes Phone Number We will then send you a small monologue for the character, you must then record yourself following the directions that will be sent along with the monologue.

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19 Responses to ““Rise to Fame” Casting Call for Actors & Crew in Michigan”

  1. Richard Kucejko says:

    I would like to be considered for an extra or background for your upcoming film. I am a retired “elderly gentleman”, 65 years old, 5’11”, a little heavy (or “short for my weight.” and live in Troy, MI.

    I have been an extra recently in “Real Steel”, and “Machine Gun Preacher.”

    Rick Kucejko

  2. Jim Theolet says:

    I am very much interested in being a background performer(extra) in your movie. I have had a featured role as a radio announcer in the movie “Alleged” and currently am working on the set of “Real Steel”.
    I live in the Flint area but can commute to the Detroit as well.
    Thank you for consideration.
    Jim Theolet

  3. Carolina Andrakovich says:

    I am a makeup artist and have experience in Special Effects and Straight Makeup. Wondering if you are in need of Makeup Crew. Recent HD film experience.

    Love to hear from you and congrats on your endeavor. If no need for makeup artists, I’d be interested in an extra role. Have recent experience on Marion Film and cast for Real Steel.

    248 210-8906

  4. sharon sigler says:

    I am interested in applying for an extra role in this film. I recently worked on the Real Steel production and am taking acting classes with Steve Blackwood. I will send you my resume and headshot. I can also be reached at 810-796-3385 or my cell ( 810-542-0447). Thank you. Sharon Sigler

  5. Cory Moore says:

    I am interested and available for extra or background work all fall and winter. I have recently worked on “Real Steel” and “Machine Gun Preacher” as an extra, and i have reliable transportation. Thank you for your time

    Cory Moore
    (810) 623-7797

  6. Lori Miller says:

    I heard that there is a casting call going on for boys 8-11 years old. Some sort of baseball movie. Do you know anything about it or where I can find some information?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

  7. HARRIET FINN says:

    Harriet Finn

  8. Haylie Mears says:


    I am a 19 year old caucasian female who would like to be considered for the part of Briana Collin and/or an extra. I will be sending in my resume and headshot to the above e-mail with all of my qualifications and experience.

    Thank you for your time,
    Haylie Mears

  9. samantha buford says:

    Hi name Samantha Buford I am applying for an extra performer because I am just getting in to the industry. I am starting out little then going for big role.I need to get experience. I hope you give me a chance and let me get my start.

    reddbone_93@yaho.com is how you can contact me. Thank you for your time to listen and hopefully I’ll
    hear from you guys soon.

  10. tiffany hill says:

    my name is Tiffany hill, i am 22 years old,and i am applying for a an extra, the part of Gwen Roberts, or Briana Collin. I have taken acting classes for the last few year at my community college, and have been a dancer for ten years. I am just starting out, but this is something that I have been studying for a long time. i am sending head shot and resume, along with all my contact information.

    thank you,
    Tiffany Hill

  11. Laura Ginn says:

    Hi, I am interested in being an extra for the film. Can play 40-60, teacher or parent role. Please contact me @ 313-412-7690

  12. Jennifer Minor says:

    My name is Jennifer and I am 22 from Troy. I am interested in being an extra as well as being considered for a smaller speaking role. I have worked on the set of Real Steel.
    I have sent you an email with the required materials.

  13. Marion Elwart says:

    I am a 60 something female, 145 lbs., 5ft. I would like to be considered for an extras position. I have no experience.

  14. Lizzy Koljun says:

    i was wondering how old do you have to be to play Briana Collin?
    Please answer and e-mail me at spiderstingray@yahoo.com

  15. David Glahn says:

    My name is David and I am interested in being an extra. I have been an extra in the The Double playing a CIA agent and a DC police officer. I do have pictures that I can send. I am 6″3″ 235 lbs and 44 year white male.

    Thank you,

    David Glahn

  16. Miya Peyregne says:


    My name is Miya and I am 12 years old and I am interested in being an extra! I don’t have much experience but please still consider me. I will send you my resume and headshot. Thank you!


  17. Jamie Holdcraft says:

    I am interested to know the approximate dates that this film will be shooting and the estimated dates for the auditions please. Thank you!

  18. Sophia Rochon says:

    Hello my name is Sophia, I’m 23 and I will like to be considered for a role in the upcoming production. I’ve been dancing for 12 years. Theatre Major at Michigan State & acting unprofessionnally middle through high school. I will be sending my head shot and resume soon

  19. Lisa Hunt says:

    I would like to be considered for the role of Gwen Roberts or Samantha. I have already emailed two head shots and a resume to the email address listed above. I have been in community theater and acting classes my whole life and have been recently cast as an extra in the upcoming film, “Touch back” set to release in 2011. My resume will be updated to reflect my current cast. Thanks so much for your consideration and I do hope to hear from you soon.


    Lisa M. Hunt

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