“Rhythm for a Reason” & “El Camino” Open Auditions / Casting (Flint, MI)

Manifest Production Casting Call for Short Films

Manifest Production Casting

Manifest Production is casting for two short films that will be shot at the end of September. Both films are being made for film contests. Our first film is called “Rhythm for a Reason” and is a dance movie. Our second is a comedy called “El Camino“.

Audition Location:

The Vertical Ambition Dance Company is located inside of The Rowe building in downtown Flint across from Blackstone’s restaurant and TV 5.

The Vertical Ambition Dance Company
540 S. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI 48502

Rhythm for a Reason

Freddie is a shy and nerdy college kid, who has two secrets: He loves to dance, and he is in love with Shyla. Shyla is a dancer with a group called Rhythm for a Reason. Freddie often stops by their dance studio to catch a glimpse of Shyla, but is always too scared to make the first move. Freddie must overcome his fears if he hopes to dance his way into Shyla’s heart.


  • Freddie – (18-25 White male) Freddie is a nerdy white college kid who lacks confidence in himself. Freddie wants desperately to win the heart of Shyla, but is too scared to make the first move. Freddie is a good dancer, and agrees to help Shyla’s team compete in the Dance Contest.
  • Shyla – (18-25 female) Shyla is a beautiful college girl. Shyla has been dancing since the age of three. Shyla helped form the group Rhythm for a Reason, and lives her life based on the philosophy of Ubuntu. She is a warm hearted and friendly person.
  • Quinn – (20-30 male) Quinn has a very tough exterior, but has a heart of gold. Quinn is Shyla’s cousin, and was one of the founding members of Rhythm for a Reason. He also lives his life based on the philosophy of Ubuntu. Quinn loves to dance and feels very strongly that through dance they can change the world.
  • Key – (20’s male) Key is one of the newest members of Rhythm for a Reason, but he has been dancing since he was fifteen.
  • Dee – (20’s female) Dee is Shyla’s best friend. Dee loves to Dance and is very good at it.
  • Monica – (20’s female) Monica is a DJ and a very good dancer.
  • Marcy – (18-25 female) Marcy has a tough exterior. She is still learning the ways of Ubuntu, and finds it difficult to let new people in too close. Marcy loves to dance, and uses it as a release from her hard life.
  • David – (25-35 male) David is Freddie’s roommate and best friend. David catches Freddie practicing dancing and gives him a hard time.
  • Randy Rayne – (20-40 male) Randy Rayne is the announcer for the Dance Contest. Must have a lot of energy and be able to motivate the crowd.

Along with the above characters we are also looking for dance groups, to showcase in our dance contest. If you are a dance group and want to audition, please call for an audition time (810) 407-6933.

El Camino

A group of neighborhood kids and a street gang both have plans to steal Walter’s El Camino, but both groups have very different intentions. Who will steal the car and who will have to pay for it?


  • Walter – (40-60 male) the character of Walter is very similar to that of Clint Eastwood. Uses a lot of the same lines of dialogue and mannerisms as Ol’ Dirty Harry.
  • Ari – (20’s Middle Eastern male) Ari is constantly harassed because of his race, but Ari always has a witty comeback. Ari is very funny but is scared of fighting.
  • Lola – (20’s Attractive Spanish female) Lola is Ari’s girlfriend. She is very pretty and has an innocent and friendly demeanor. She becomes close with Walter and it is her idea to steal his car. (Lola doesn’t have to be Spanish, but must have an innocent look)
  • Zack – (18-25 African American male) Zack is Ari’s best friend.
  • T-Bone – (20-30 male) T-Bone is the leader of the neighborhood street gang, must have a street look.
  • Smilez – (18-30) Smilez is the wheel man for the gang, and can never stop smiling.
  • Tree – (18-40 male) Tree is tall and stocky. Tree is an amateur boxer and the muscle of the street gang.
  • Ray – (30-40 male) Ray is the oldest member of the group. He is tough as nails and is the only member to have done real time.
  • Police Officer

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for either film you must attend the open auditions. Auditions will be held Saturday September 11th, 2011 from 10am until 3pm.

Please bring:

  • A photo of yourself. (preferably a headshot but any picture of just yourself will do)
  • Have a one minute comedic monologue ready to perform.
  • If you are auditioning for Rhythm for a Reason please have a one minute hip-hop/break dance routine ready to perform. (If music is required please bring a CD or Flash drive of your song.)

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