“Return of the Action Hero” Auditions for Lead Role & Extras

Casting Call for Action Short Film

Compass College of Cinematic Arts

“Return of the Action Hero” is a student film from Compass College of Cinematic Arts. Directed and produced by Ken Johnson. Since this film is an action film, there will be fight choreography performed by all main roles. Previous martial arts or movie fight experience is nice, but PLEASE do not be discouraged to apply if you do not have any. Shoot dates are from October 19 – 21 in the Grand Rapids, MI area.


While trying to win the girl of his dreams, Kyle Connors Has a pair of Super powered Gloves thrusted upon him. When put into Danger, the gloves allow him to, fight, dodge bullets, and even defy basic laws of Physics, just like the action heroes he loves so much.

Auditions Details:

Thursday, September 27th from 5:30pm until 9:00pm

Compass College of Cinematic Arts
41 Sheldon Blvd. SE
Grand Rapids, MI, 49503

Available Roles:

  • Kyle Conners: (20’s) Kyle Conners is a nerd through and through that loves action movies more than anything in the world, and is blown away when the gloves turn him into one. He has had a crush on Tina for some time.
  • Tina Ipkiss: (20’s) Tina Ipkiss anything but a damsel in distress. she is a good looking strong woman, but deep down shes an action movie nerd just like Kyle, but doesn’t usually let people know about her nerdy side.
  • Dorian: (30’s) Dorian is an action movie villain in every sense of the word. He is Intimidating, overconfident, and rules over his gang with an iron fist without even wrinkling his suit.
  • Extras: tough looking men to play lackeys for Dorian.


These are not paid roles, but all actors will revcieve a DVD copy of the film and food on set.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to: kj.filmmaker@gmail.com

NOTE: If you are interested in auditioning, but are unable to attend the audition, you may email me for a possible appointment audition. (no guarantees)

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