Real Time Farms Website Commercial Shoot (Ann Arbor, MI)

Commercial Shoot June 10th & June 11th

Real Time Farms

We’re producing a commercial for local start up company Real Time Farms. is a website for finding fresh local food near you.

The commercial is a short story of fruits and vegetables traveling from the farm to a farmer’s market where they are treated as celebrities while they’re animated down a red carpet. It’s suppose to be a bit absurd and funny.

Casting the Following Roles:

  • Driver = Male, 25+ scruffy
  • Photographers = Male + Female, 20+ (a plus if you have an SLR Camera + Flash to bring)
  • Chefs/Grocers = Male + Female, 20+
  • Gardener = Female, 30+
  • Extras = Male + Female, 18+

The commercial will be on the website of


If interested, please send your Headshot, Resume, + Availability for Thursday + Friday to:

At this time, this is for credit only until further notice.

You can see previous work at:

Thanks for your time!

Marty Stano
The Lazerbolt, LLC

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