Real Style Online Specialty Extras Casting Call (Michigan)

Real Style Extras Casting

Real Style Specialty Extras Casting Call

Real Style Online is currently casting specialy extras for Michigan feature films.  They are in need of the following:

Real Cops
Exotic Dancers
A male Albino
Middle Eastern and Indian Extras (not Native American)
An Indian Family – dad, mom, boy age 8-12, girl age 8-12 (This does not have to be all from the same family)
African American Football Players (age 19-21)


These roles are paid positions:

How to Apply for an Extra

Please email any information regarding these specialty roles to

For consideration for this role, please submit the following mandatory information: NAME, HEIGHT, BIRTHDATE, CONTACT INFO, SIZES, AND A PHOTO (no links)

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21 Responses to “Real Style Online Specialty Extras Casting Call (Michigan)”

  1. Ira Todd says:

    Law enforcement officer for 25 plus years. Currently a Police Investigator/Interrogator for Detroit Police.Police Investigative Consulting as well.

  2. Melissa Rich says:

    I have experience and extensive training is dance: Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop. I am interested in working as an extra. I did work as an extra on the Wannabe’s last summer.

  3. Judy Fields says:

    I was told to apply for an “extra” via this website for the movie 30 Minutes or less. I am just a “normal” middle aged female wanting to be an extra. Thank you!

  4. Joe Herrera says:

    I am a 56 year old Hispanic Police Officer. I am interested in being an extra. I am 6′ and can speak fluent Spanish.

  5. Millie Cannon says:

    Good Day:
    A friend of mine is on the set of Detroit 1-8-7, he told me that I could apply to be “an extra”!!
    I am a very pretty 50ish female who is “very interested” in working as an extra, in a Movie, a Series and/or a Commercial. My schedule is VERY flexible to accomodate the needs of a casting call.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you and Have a great day.

  6. michael `solomon' lee says:

    A friend of mine on the set of detriot 1-8-7,told me to apply as an extra!
    I am a thirthy year old african american male 5’8with various looks who is “very interested” in working as an extra,in a movie,a series and/or a Commercial. My schedule is flexible im able to accomodate the needs for casting.
    cant wait to hear from u hear from u soon.
    have a great day.

  7. kathy overton says:


  8. Anita Owens says:


    I am a 53 year old female. African American, tall 5’10”. I acted in both high school and college in plays and have a passion for acting. I know everyone may feel this way about themselves, but “I CAN ACT”. I am always completely convincing people of things just by acting. My work schedule won’t allow me to be available other than: Mon., Tues., and Fri., evenings (unless I know if advance and then I can schedule to be off work) and anytime on Sat. Please let me know of any roles you have available. I am very flexible in roles.

  9. Buhaj Family says:

    Our family consists of myself, 51 year old blonde female, my husband 50 year old dark haired male, and 2 daughters a 21 year old brunette, and a 14 year old brunette. My 21 year old attends GVSU majoring in Film/Video will graduate this year. We are all interested in being extras. If anything is available please contact us. We are all in good shape and would love to be involved in any films available.

  10. Tony Walker says:

    Am seeking available part time employment as a film/movie extra. Have already worked in field for quite a number of years, most recently Gran Torino, Up In The Air, western movie, etc. Have been a prof’l entertainer for 25 years + as well.

  11. Nancy "Cherry Hill" Kilian says:

    Hey! I found out about this site thru Amanda Carlson and Carlson Catering. Sherri Carlson told me I need to put my name in because I am so “animated” and would be great for any part you may be looking for! I am not a Police Officer, although I have gone to college for 4 years Majoring in Criminal Justice-forensics. I am the Lead Investigator for Equine Rescue and Protection Humane Society, US..and carry a badge. I also own/operate an animal rescue in Michigan. I ride in a motorcycle club for Law Enforcement Officers that raises money for the needy and am a three patch full member. I’ve been all over the US on my bike and love to ride! I love to make people laugh and there’s not too many things I won’t say or do to succeed in that mission! I’m a facebook junkie in my spare time and most people think I’m a bit crazy but I like it that way! I am 47 years old, 160 lbs and I’m a funny looking top heavy girl! If you think I would fit in to any position that needs filled, I can wear many hats and would love to try this new one on! My road name for the club is Cherry Hill and most people call me that and say I don’t look like a “Nancy”. Thanks for considering me and reading this lengthy mess! Cherry Hill

  12. jeff jameyfield says:

    i am a 46 year old caucasion male. i live in the Ann Arbor area and have a very open schedule due to me being layed off. I am about 5-9 and weigh 190

  13. greg despres says:

    I am a 63 year old, caucasian male. I am 5’9 and weigh 200 lbs. I have short grey hair and wear glasses. I am retired and available at any time. I play guitar, bowl and golf.

  14. John says:

    Hi, 39 year old white male. good build and looking to be an extra in pretty much anything and will play any role. I know it’s a commitment and I’m ready to take it on. Thank you for reading.


  15. andrea peardon says:

    I am a 22- year old college graduate girl. I am 5’2″, slim w/ long dark hair. I have acted in high school plays and enjoy it very much. I am Irish and Hispanic but look more Hispanic with a darker complexion. I am extremely good with children and babies.

  16. kathy overton says:

    Hello again. Iam a security officer for the Department of Transportation in Detroit. I would really like to be casted as an extra or as an security officer in Detroit 187 or any of your other movies you may be filming in the Detroit area. Iam a 57 years old, 140lbs. 5’5 inches tall, black female with light brown complextion and Black hair. I hope that my discription of myself will help you in choosing me if you should ever need an older Black female as extra or an experienced security person. Thank you.

  17. Steve Blackman says:

    My name is Cpl. Stephen Blackman, I have been with Wayne County Sheriff’s Department for over 19 years. I have had previous experience as an paid extra in as a police officer in the movie 8 Mile. I am 5’10 1/2” Blondish brown hair blue eyes.
    Thank you for considering me-

  18. janetta harris says:

    i submitted my reply dec.2nd and my email was but i had to change it to hope you guys get it. Thank you very much.

  19. janetta harris says:

    I also have a grandson 16 play football,basketball,i have grandson mix with black indian,an white.Can pass for indian.My 16 year old grandson is 6’2.I can do exotic dancing myself,im 5’9 birth date 02-16-60 dont look my age.Ihave a son in a wheel chair he got shot he cant walk his age is birthday 12-31-80 new years eve this would be a lovely birthday gift for him.My grandkids can pass for indians there ages range from 16-8 2girls,and 2boys.please get back with us it would be a blessing. thanks again for your time. my email

  20. Donnelly Wright Hadden says:

    If you should need someone who looks like a distinguished wizened lawyer
    walking in or out of a courthouse, I can be available. I know how lawyers look and act because I am one.

    Donnelly Wright Hadden

  21. Joe mendez jr says:

    ive been told i got that movie actor look i love watching movies ive always wanted to play in a movie and someday direct my own movie i look like a leo dicaprio and can play any role good i believe.

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