“Rain Harvest” Casting Call for Actors

Auditions for Short Film

Casting actors for the film, “Rain Harvest”. Shooting is scheduled for Friday, September 21st to October 31st in Novi, MI.


A bunch of Aliens who settled on earth long ago, conspires for world domination. A young newcomer joins the conspiracy. While their rain harvest conspiracy proceed as planned, sudden death of the leader and several side stories and palace intrigues makes the newcomer leader of the conspirators. Audience is left to wonder how the conspiracy will proceed with new leader.

Available Roles:

  • 3 Conspirators
  • Son: Young conspirator
  • Doctor: Devil worshipper
  • Tele-Evangelist
  • Presidential Candidate
  • Senate Leaders
  • Spy
  • Mother
  • Teen Mother
  • Assassins

Costume: Irish Kilt and sport jacket and beards and (optional) horns.


These are paid roles. Compensation is negotiable.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume, headshots and any video links to: castingcasey@gmail.com

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