“RABID” Featured Extras Casting Call (Richmond, MI)


Planet Four Films is seeking talent to play featured extras in a low-budget independent film entitled “Rabid”. The story centers around a young soldier coping with changes at home after returning from Afghanistan.

Extra Roles:

We are looking for both male and female talent who is 18 or older in two categories:

  • All-American Midwestern types to play small town workers
  • Hispanic or Hispanic-looking types to play Mexican workers

Performers playing Mexican migrant workers in a scene that takes place outside the town’s main factory. The talent does not actually have to be of Mexican descent but must look as though they could be.  Wardrobe should consist of work clothes in various shades of gray: work shirts, work pants, mechanic coveralls, etc.

Performers playing All-American Midwesterners workers will be shown on strike outside the town’s main factory. Wardrobe should consist of work shirts, plaid shirts, jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts in shades of dull red, blue or off-white.

Call Time & Location:

Talent will be needed Monday, October 25, 2010. Call time and location will be 8:00 AM at Theut Products, 36820 Division Rd., Richmond, MI 48062. Wrap time is expected to be 4:00 PM. Some additional days may be added in November. Headshots helpful, but not required.


Each extra performer will receive a $75 per day voucher toward classes at The Actors Workshop in Royal Oak, MI.

How to Apply:

Please e-mail pictures, name, phone and e-mail address to: talent@planetfourfilms.com

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  1. Larry says:

    Does the talent show up on Monday after e-mailing you only, or do you repond to the e-mail with a booking?

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