“Puritan Ave” Auditions & Casting Call (Detroit, MI)

WSU Student Film Auditions

Auditons are being held for a WSU student film, “Puritan Ave”. Actors and actresses are needed who can portray the following roles.

Auditions Details:

Saturday, February 26th from 2pm – 6pm
Friday, March 4th from 6pm – 9pm

The Old Main Building (in the basement, room 134)
4841 Cass Ave.
Detoit, MI 48201


Aaron Parker is a 20 year old black man with no forward momentum to his life. Stalled in his progress of becoming an adult, he turns to gangs and drug dealing in the streets of Detroit. However, when the consequences of his decisions put his family in danger, Aaron is forced to grow up and really examine his false idolizations of running in the streets.

Available Roles:

  • Aaron Parker: Aaron is a strong willed and emotional young black male. He has fallen into the trap that many youths of urban environments become captivated by, drug dealing and gangs. He is of athletic build.
  • Terrence Jackson: Aaron’s adoptive brother. Terrence is a young black police officer between the ages of 20 and 30. He is stern and has black and white views of right and wrong. Terrence also has an unpredictable temper that flares up at random.
  • Courtney Parker: Aaron’s sister. With no mother, Courtney was forced to grow up quickly. She is the nurture and caretaker of this family. She is a larger woman between the ages of 25 and 30.
  • Russell Parker: Aaron and Courtney’s biological father. Terrence’s adoptive father. Russell is a powerful, positive force in his community. Russell is a man controlled by his values. He is very protective of his name and his family. He has a temper. He is an older black male between the ages of 40 and 50.
  • Huffy: The local thug in the Parker’s neighborhood. Huffy is a black male between the ages of 25 and 35. He is the negative force that pulls at Aaron to choose between street life and what’s right.
  • Dope Boys 1-4: Huffy’s hired hands.
  • Female Tenant: A tenant in one of Russell’s properties.


These are not paid roles but actors will obtain a copy of the final DVD for a great portfolio piece and acting reel.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this film just attend one of the auditions above. If you have other questions please email them to: waynecastingcall@yahoo.com

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  1. Walter Lee says:

    hey i like to try out your short story and like to be an extra or any speaking part

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