“Pure Devotions” Casting Call Auditions for Comic Horror Film (Royal Oak, MI)


Auditions on Sunday, May 16th, 2010
Short Comic Horror Film

1:00 PM TO 4:00 PM by appointment

The Actor’s Workshop
307 West 6th Street
Suite 201
Royal Oak, MI 48067


Please call (248) 398-7744 or email AMUNOZ@THEACTORSWORKSHOPDETROIT.COM to book a time.


A university researcher with control issues must defeat a crafty witch with her own spell before committing to her boyfriend and living happily ever after.

Character Breakdown:

Ilene Griggs – female lead, mid 30’s (noticeably older that Chene), a university researcher. Attractive, medium build, long hair that is casually styled. She specializes in religious orders and sects, especially those that are obscure and/or ancient. She writes articles for academic journals. A smoker and toker with control issues and, secretly, a witch and virgin. Her hidden agenda is to remove the current witch and replace her. Not uptight, but not a t-shirt and jeans type either; very intelligent. Has a temper. Race is flexible.

Chene Albany – male lead, mid 20’s, works as a technical assistant at the university and for the past couple years with Ilene; whom he has been pursuing with a passion. A former jock, Chene is athletic with a boyish personality and short attention span when it comes to academic discussions. His knowledge of video equipment helps Ilene to record her interviews with various religious persons; in this case Sister Ita. He is a toker. Race is flexible.

Sister Ita – female, 70-ish, a member of the Order of the Agony of Christ and secretly a witch. She has been causing low-key mayhem on the town surrounding the convent and is not keen on being interviewed by Ilene. A short, grandmotherly and unassuming woman with gray hair, the revelations that emerge of her activities are very surprising. She wears sensible shoes and glasses. Race is flexible.

Creepin Keef – male, late 50’s to mid 60’s, he is the creepy groundskeeper of the Convent. He also tokes, hence the fast friendship with Chene. A burly man, his devotion to Sister Ita may stem more from fear than love. Shuffles when he walks and wears overalls. Has a short-wave radio in the maintenance shed that he listens to faithfully.


Headshots and resumes helpful, but not required (this is a great opportunity for an “entry level” actor!) Actors will be asked to cold read using scenes from the film. The film shoots during the month of June.

The parking lot next to the building is NOT a public parking lot. To avoid getting a ticket. please park either on the street or at the parking structure at Lafayette and Sixth. There is free parking in Royal Oak on Sundays (i.e., the meters don’t run and the parking structure is open and free.)

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  1. Bill Herbster says:

    i would like to tryout for creepin keef….i am funny, 61 year old white male….586.795.1504
    24 hr voice male…

  2. Dennis Bolton says:

    Please contact me at 248 835-2553

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