Potential SAG Feature Film Casting – Fetching Dogg Films (Detroit, MI)

Fetching Dogg Films,

is currently seeking actors for a possible untitled SAG Feature Film. This film is in development and may or may not end up being shot. We are just looking to build a talent base in Detroit, MI so that when we cast the film we will be able to cast Detroit talent. The film is not yet associated with SAG, but will be seeking SAG Feature Film status once development is complete.

We are seeking all ages and races, as we will be not be conducting open auditions, but rather looking at Headshot and Resumes to determine who we will audition. As for distribution we plan on a limited theatrical release and to submit our project to mainstream film festivals such as Sundance among others.

Please send Headshots and Resumes to FetchingDoggFilms@yahoo.com

Fetching Dogg Films

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  1. Lawrence Ashker says:

    I am interested in gaining real world experience in filmmaking. My hope is to help with odds and ends in exchange for experience, no financial compensation expected. Please accept my apology for contacting you via this site (I am not a trained actor). However, if you have anything suitable, I would be very appreciative.



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