“Playing with Matches” Auditions & Extras Casting (Grand Rapids, MI)

Casting Call for Student Film

We are now casting for “Playing with Matches”, written and directed by award winning director Alan Ledford and produced by Brian Kung! This is a formal senior thesis with the most practiced students from Grand Valley State’s film & Video Program. Full production is planned for Friday 9/17-Sunday 9/19 and Friday 9/16-Sunday 9/24.

Audition Details:

Saturday, August 28th
Room 202 E, Devos center (GVSU Pew Campus)
Downtown Grand Rapids.


“Playing with Matches” is a story about Gil Squid. He is a man at the turning point of his life where he is forced to take a buy-out from the school district he works for. He has always lived his life as a bitter man, closed to the world. The only person that understands him is a smart-mouthed kid named Ray, who works with Gil as a janitor. One night, while out at the bar, Gil meets Robin, a clingy, yet mysterious woman. Although broken in different ways, they establish a connection through their hardships. When Gil finally feels new and free, he is thrown into an unfortunate situation that will destroy any future he may have dreamed of.


Robin– 20- 40yrs old
Looking for female MAIN supporting actress. The role is a “rebellious”, part-time stripper who clings to an older, venerable man named Gil (main actor). Having a tough job and a stingy boss, she cracks after a fight with some patrons of the strip joint. Out of vengeance and desperation, she murders her boss and husband by shooting him with a small handgun, ruining Gil’s dreams and first time happiness. Although the character is a stripper, no nudity or sexuality will be exuded. This is a big role that will test your acting skills, which will be viewed by a nation-wide audience. Must be fully able to shoot Friday 9/17- Sun 9/19 and Friday 9/24- Sun 9/16.

Red– 35- 65yrs old
Looking for male character to play a used boat salesman named Red. The role is a nice, but shady boat salesman. Shooting date is on Fri 9/17 for about 5 hours. Flexibility within weekend is best, due to changing weather conditions.

Gil’s Boss-25- 50yrs old

Looking for male to play a deranged and power-hungry high school boss. The character is within two major scenes: scene 1 where he carelessly forces the main character into a buyout, and in a later scene where he confronts the main character at the retirement party. There are only two scenes, but both have plenty of dialogue. Shooting is planned for Sat 9/18 all day. Flexibility within weekend is best, due to changing weather conditions.

Al Riches– 40-55yrs old
Looking for male to play sleazy strip club owner and husband to main actress. He appears in only one scene, where he gets shot in the head. There’s no dialogue for this character, but nonverbal acting is key. Shooting is planned for Sunday 9/19 from 6:30pm until 1am. Flexibility within weekend is best, due to changing weather conditions.

Teenage Kid in bathroom– 10- 16yrs old
Looking for young, male teenager. The role is a student who catches the main character smoking a cigarette in the bathroom. He has one line, but it is crucial to the story. Shooting date is planned for 9/18, for no more than 3 hours. Flexibility within weekend is best, due to changing weather conditions. MUST HAVE PERMISSION SIGNED BY PARENT/GUARDIAN!

Ray’s two friends– 18- 25yrs old.
Looking for three male characters to be the friends of a supporting actor within a bar scene. There is only one line for each person. The characters are loud and sexually frustrated Community College students. Shooting date 9/19 but flexibility within weekend is best, due to changing weather conditions.

Newscaster on TV– 25- 60yrs old
Looking for male or female character to play a newscaster within production. Shooting will take place at the end of September. Must look professional and have clear, articulated speech. Wardrobe can be supplied, but would be best if you have your own. We are flexible with shooting availability, since this will be played on a television within the film. We will shoot this after the main production and will be added in post. It should take no more than 2 hours.

Extras Casting:

Bar scene – SUN 9/19
-Bar Patrons – 20 needed (any ages)
-Bartender – 1 needed

Retirement party – SAT 9/18
-3 male, 1 female retiree
-7 faculty (ages 50-75yrs old)

College strip club patrons – SUN 9/26
-5 males (20-30yrs old)


Because this is a student film, we will only be able to pay our actors with meals. This is, however, still a serious movie that will grant you a great opportunity to explore your acting ability and receive national exposure through film festivals around the country! There will be an IMDB credit for production, which means one for you too!

How to Apply:

If Interested, Please email your head shot, Resume, and Availability to Brian at playingwithmatchesmovie@gmail.com.

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