“Plans” Casting Call for Punk/Sci-Fi Short Film in Metro Detroit

Fitzgerald Films Casting

Fitzgerald Films is casting actors for “Plans”, a steam punk/ sci-fi short film. Production should start in early June and finish by early-mid July. This film will be shot in the metro Detroit area. Talent must provide their own transportation.


The film revolves around James, a soldier who steals secret government plans, and his life after the war while he is being hunted down by ex-military mercenaries in their attempt to retrieve the stolen plans.

Available Roles:

  • Chambers:  (Male/ Caucasian/ 50-60 yrs) Chambers is a reserved high-ranking military officer, and is the main antagonist in this film. Chambers spends his time after the war with his group of mercenaries hunting down James trying to retrieve the stolen weapon plans. Must have facial hair.
  • Livingston:  (Male/ Any Ethnicity/ 31-40 yrs) Livingston is a sleazy looking thug who works for Chambers. Livingston is always causing trouble for James and Rose, and has a very animalistic attitude.
  • Scientist:  (Male/ Any Ethnicity/ 51-60 yrs) The Scientist is the man who invents the secret weapon plans during the war. He looks like your typical mad scientist.
  • Pub Owner:  (Male/ Any Ethnicity/ 51-60 yrs) The Pub Owner is well, the owner of the local pub that Rose works at.
  • James:  (Male/ Caucasian/ 25-30 yrs) James is ex-military, and is spending time after the war working as a tattoo artist. He is very charming, but rugged looking, he has a lot of tattoos and is in very good shape. James is in love with Rose, a local barmaid. James steals the plans to a secret weapon during the war, and is being hunted down by Chambers and his men, who are also ex-military, who are trying to take back the weapon plans.
  • Murphy:  (Male/ Caucasian/ 25-30 yrs) Murphy is ex-military, and helped James steal the weapon plans during the war. Murphy is a tougher looking guy, covered in tattoos, and has an athletic build. Murphy feels anger towards James because he left Murphy behind enemy lines after he had been wounded during the war. Preferred facial hair.
  • Rose:  (Female/ Caucasian/ 25-30 yrs) Rose is a beautiful, dark haired, tattooed, barmaid. She is deeply in love with James, and is always found working, or at his house. Rose has two topless scenes, but they are not sex scenes. She is getting a tattoo done on her back, so she is topless, and then turns around to face James and talks to him. She also walks around James’ apartment topless at one point.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshots and resume to: fitzgeraldfilms@rocketmail.com

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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