“PAWN” Open Casting Call for Indie Film (Lansing, MI)

Neoteric Pictures Open Call Auditions

GENERAL INFO: An open call will be held for an Independent Film being produced by Neoteric Pictures entitled “PAWN”. Since this is an independent film, there will be no compensation to the cast or crew, other than the opportunity to gain experience.

EXTRA INFO: Two male roles need to be filled. The two characters in “PAWN” are old friends but something came between them years ago and now their friendship is strained. They both work for an “Agency” and meet each other from time-to-time in a Public Park to exchange information while playing Chess. This short is dialogue driven!!

Available Roles:

  • DAVID: 20’s to Early 30’s. We envision the character Caucasian but we encourage anybody to audition. David is a man who is “by the book”, precise and professional. He looks like your average “nerd” but below this clean and stereotypical exterior lies someone with an ulterior motive. – AVERAGE BUILD & ABLE TO ACT SINISTER
  • GRAHAM: Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s. Role is open to all Ethnicities. Graham is older but still in his prime. He’s more of a “Do now, think later” type of guy. He’s your average man straight out of the army. His demeanor and appearance shows some weathering from a stressful life as does his harsh voice. – FIT


There will be no compensation to cast or crew other than the opportunity to gain experience and network with individuals in a related field. Food/Refreshments on set and a copy of the finished film will be given to cast and crew.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in auditioning please attend the open call on November 6th. If you are interested but not able attend, please send an email with your resume and headshots to: MicAmVil@gmail.com

Open Call Auditions:
Saturday November 6th, 2010
12:00pm – 2:00pm
4:00pm – 7:00pm

Auditions will be held @ THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING in Room 112.
519 West Kalamazoo St.
Lansing, MI 48933

NOTE: Park in the parking lot on the corner of Pine & Kalamazoo.

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2 Responses to ““PAWN” Open Casting Call for Indie Film (Lansing, MI)”

  1. Sheryl says:

    You should restate your request because Indie films DO PAY cast and crew.
    Maybe state it this way…
    Since this is a NO BUDGET film, we do not have money to pay CAST and CREW.
    or you could state it this way….
    Since this is a NO BUDGET film, we would like you to work on a DEFERRED payment arrangement.

    To The Production Company: Just because you are making a film, doesn’t mean its right to ask everyone to work for free. Just because you have a low budget to work with doesn’t mean it’s right to ask everyone to give it up for free.

    To The Crew: Before you agree to work for free…ask to see the budget and look for the line items that show that the producer and many other above the line crew are being compensated. It’s your choice, but please consider. If they will be making money, you should, too. Even if your payments are deferred.

    If this is a student film, then by all means, volunteer. Students need that help. But a production company with the goal of selling a film for profit, they are really obligated to pay you for your time and talents. If not, they are just users and need to find another place to set up shop. Because….Michigan is going to grow into a STRONG film community.

  2. Michael A. Villegas says:

    Thanks for the reply Sheryl. We should have stated it differently. I do know Indie films pay so yes we should have stated something along the lines of which you suggested. We, Neoteric Pictures is a developing production company trying to start somewhere. We are starting small with a VERY SMALL BUDGET film. All the money is coming from the filmmakers. We were simply asking for assistance from anyone interested in gaining some experience and to network with other individuals. Also we will not be looking to sell the film and rake in all the profits, much like you hinted at. While it would be nice to gain some monetary compensation from this film we’re making it, knowing it probably will not. Much like you said, “Michigan is going to grow into a STRONG film community.” I agree, and that’s why we’re making strides to work our way into the film community and eventually make that community stronger.

    Thanks again for your comments Sheryl!

    Michael A. Villegas

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