Original Music Needed for the Feature Length Film “The Nightcrawlers”

Spooky Studios & Caged Rat Productions

Spooky Studios & Caged Rat Productions are looking for original music for a feature length film “The Nightcrawlers”. We have just finished principle photography and are about to start the editing process. This hilarious comedy is full of laughter, tears, excitement, and drama. Therefore we are looking for all different types of music, with or without lyrics. All genres are permitted, rock, rap, techno, country, folk, punk, etc. So if you are in a group or band, and would like to have your original music in a feature film, please contact us.


“The Nightcrawlers “is a film about a group of friends living in a house in Detroit. The head of the household is a young man named Eric, who is very wealthy. He pays all the bills, giving the rest of the group the opportunity to do pretty much whatever they want. It’s a story about the Peter Pan syndrome and the repercussions of living that lifestyle.

Submission Requirements

  • All music in MP3 format
  • All Band & Song Info

NOTE: All music must be original. Sending us your music doesn’t guarantee it will be used in the film. If your music is selected, we will need hand written permission sighed by everyone in your group stating that we are allowed to use your music in the film. So make sure you include all contact information.


Music artist will reserve full credit for their songs, but there will be no immediate or future financial compensation. You will however have the opportunity to grow your fan base. The film is being sent to several film festivals including Sundance. So there is no telling how many people will hear your music that otherwise would not.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in being a part of this project send your contact information, all band and song info and your music in an MP3 format to: josephnwakefield@gmail.com

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