“One Nation Under God” Extras Casting Call

Casting High School Student Extras for Film

The film “One Nation Under God” is looking to cast 50 extras who can pass for 9-12th grade high school students. A mix of both male and female students are needed. Shooting will take place this Saturday, March 26th in Saline, MI.

Story Concept:

A political satire about a Communist liberal History teacher who’s political conversion via a gifted student leads to a spiritual conversion, which triggers a political and spiritual revival in America back to “One Nation Under God”.


This is a low buget film. Extras will not be paid but will receive credit in the film as extras and food on set.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying as an extra please send a headshot or photo and resume to: filmtech77@yahoo.com

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3 Responses to ““One Nation Under God” Extras Casting Call”

  1. tiana johnson says:

    i am 14 i live in romulus michigan i have been in three school productions and i would love to be in this movie

  2. Admin@ONUGFilm says:

    Send, your email, and a pic to the above, How to apply. we only need 50 and when we get that many, we will keep the information for our days in July when we need 300 extras.

  3. Raven says:


    I was wondering if all the spots had been taken?


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