“One Nation Under God” Casting Call for Feature Length Film (Howell, MI)

Casting Actors and Actresses

“One Nation Under God” is a Christian movie that will be shot in Howell, Michigan. We are seeking talented cast and crew in the Livingston county area. Typecasting is inevitable in certain roles. All participants will be expected to be committed to the production. Cast will rehearse approximately three times a week until we can speak our lines in a natural fashion as if second nature. Payment will be done on a deferred basis, which means when the production renders a net profit at or above a certain level, payment will then be rendered.


This casting is now closed. For the most recent casting information for this film click here.

Character Descriptions:

JESUS – as great as He’s known to be. We need someone who really looks like Jesus, not only on the outside, but on the inside, thus is filled with the Holy Spirit. Type-casting will take priority in this role being it’s not a big speaking role, but is a very important role in that it gets a lot of camera time. Hence, this character must reflect the presence of God.

PRESIDENT GEORGE WASHINGTON – Type-casting is very important here as well – must look like George, and speak with honor and integrity.

PRESIDENT THOMAS JEFFERSON – Type-casting is very important here as well – must look like Tom, well spoken, articulate, and smart.

PRESIDENT JOHN ADAMS – Type-casting is very important here as well – must look like John, steadfast – a true government servant who can be a bit of a wise-guy as well.

LESTER’S MOTHER – 37, Italian mother, loving and a bit protective

LESTER’S GRANDMOTHER – 60, little, powerful Italian grandmother from old country with slight accent

PATRICIA – a middle aged dynamo tempered with wisdom, who looks younger than her age – a strong Christian woman who regularly stands up for her faith.

BEN – 17, ideally would be short in stature, but this is not written in stone, very smart to gifted teenager who is a strong Christian. One of the most important roles in entire film, must be able to memorize and speak naturally from the heart a large amount of material.

JUSTIN – 16, smart, picture of justice, clean-cut, pure Christian

SARAH – 16, soft, loving and intelligent, lover of Christ

TOMMY – 16, smart, action-oriented with appetite for learning who taps into Christ’s manhood.

RACHEL – 16, quietly confident and fair, holds her own in any crowd – brains included; pleasant Christian who can also take a stand.

JOHN – 17, competitive, gifted teenager and no sissy. Strong, militant Christian

JENNY – 17, tomboy, straight-forward and sharp Christian

JACOB – 16, profound, understanding, incredible potential who taps into love relationship with Christ.

ASHLEY – 17, sharp inside and out, fashion-queen, Christian

DAVID – 17, quiet confidence and extremely intelligent, Christian

GARY – 17, book-smart, competitive, hothead. His Christianity is more of a cerebral experience than a heartfelt one.

MR. WILLIAMS – 50’s, astute and tactful, Les’ former principal –

SHIRLEY – 30’s, pretty, an opportunist, Les’ former fiancee

MAN – clean-cut young man – 27 – love in his heart

Priest – using actual priest

ARISTOCRATS 1-6 – 35-60 years in age, all are worldly players who kill, steal and destroy for the sake of power and money.

NARRATOR (slight English accent)

DR. COLLINS – a glasses low on nose, classic Communist liberal professor

DR. WINTHROP – Communist liberal professor with ignorant arrogance

DR. WALKER, Communist liberal buffoon/professor who’s never worked a day in his life in terms of the kind of work where you get your hands dirty.

TEACHERS 1-12 – 27-55 – typical teachers – educated – possessing a desire to learn.

DR. HARRIS, an old, crotchety, Communist liberal professor

MOTHER 1, 40, who has heartfelt love for her son who has died in American Revolution

FATHER 1 – 40-45 supportive, loving husband

YOUNG LADY, early 20s, young bride who’s dreams are shattered with the loss of her husband.

MOTHER 2 – supportive, loving mother

MOTHER 3 – 35, organic, loving mother who’s one with sons, thus is crushed at her young son’s death in war.

MOTHER 3’S SON, 8, a real boy, tough, who isn’t comfortable with crying and longs for his brother who has died in the war.

MOTHER 4 – 27, loving mother and wife of soldier killed in American Revolution

CHILD 1 – 5, beautiful, loving child

CHILD 2 – 7, beautiful, loving child

TOMMY’S MOTHER – 45, multi-tasker – non-speaking role

SARAH’S FATHER – 45, Conscientious Father – non-speaking role

JOHN’S MOTHER – 50, impeccably concise and well rounded

JENNY’S MOTHER – 40, Tough woman, formerly a tomboy

JACOB’S MOTHER – 42, enlightened woman who adheres to truth

DAVID’S MOTHER – 38, takes matters in her own hands

AIDEN – PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENT, all American kid, inquisitive

TERRA – PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENT – excitable, full-of-life, always has to be part of the coolest thing going on.

BROOK – PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENT, giddy, excited, prime-time girl

ETHAN – PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENT, smart, popular kid

YOUNG LES – 8, innocent, quiet, submissive

TEACHER 11 – 30’s, easy-going, marches to his own beat,thus not a follower of others

PUBLIC SCHOOL CLASS – 20 STUDENTS – 16-18 – non-speaking roles

PUNKER STUDENT – non-speaking role

ANCHOR – WOMAN 20s OR 30s, professional, bright, clean-cut

CAMERAMAN – 30s, techy, introvert – non-speaking role

EXTRAS – AMERICANS – AS MANY AS POSSIBLE 200-300 – non-speaking roles

TWELVE PEOPLE – ANGELIC – DRESSED IN WHITE, 20-30 – non-speaking roles

FOUR OTHER FOUNDING FATHERS – classic patriots – non-speaking roles

“One Nation Under God” Crew Call

If you are interested in applying as crew for this film visit: “One Nation Under God” Crew Call

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6 Responses to ““One Nation Under God” Casting Call for Feature Length Film (Howell, MI)”

  1. Michael Maurice says:

    I am a professional actor in the area and also a christian. I looked at your script and my first thought is: If you want to be taken seriously and you are looking to produce a professional product, then you need to start with a professional script in a script format. What you have on your website looks amateurish and highschoolish at best. What I read gives me the impression of a “Preaching to the choir,” type of script. I don’t know what audience demographic you had in mind when you wrote it, but this is not a script that will sway anyone to your side, just enlist a hearty “Amen,” from the already convinced… Just my opinion, take it for what it is worth. Wish you well with your endeavor.

  2. Clemence says:

    I agree with Michael Maurice above. Also, I am a proud Christian liberal, and I see this script as making hostile generalizations of other political groups from the right wing. Nonetheless I am grateful that your production team is bringing in opportunities for Michigan workers. Hope all goes well.

  3. Andrew says:

    You do realize that everything about this movie is historically inaccurate, right? The founders wanted no part of Christianity, least of all in our government. They themselves were not Christians. Most of them were deists, others agnostics. This is just pathetic.

  4. Veronica mallet says:

    I’m am interested in playing Patricia. I trully believe that I can play that role. I have never done any acting yet, but look forward in doing so.

  5. Cody says:

    I really believe I could play the part of Jesus. Everyone I meet compares me to Jesus because of my tall (6’6″) athletic stature, beard, and shoulder length lighbrown hair. I’m a loving christian with a drive to get into the entertainment industry.

  6. Sean Mason says:

    I have been taken advantage of many times by individuals who claim themselves to be Christian film makers. i for one am not here for money or fame but only to spread the glory of the lord to the lost and broken. I do not care about riches, fame, nor glory but want to impact those who know nothing of God. If this is a serious offer, let me know.

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