“One Last Shot for Bobby Scott” Casting Call

Auditions for Lead and Supporting Roles

Casting call for the short narrative, “One Last Shot for Bobby Scott”.┬áThis is a short, 20-30 minute narrative about Bobby, a young man who avenges his younger brother’s murder, and is now on the run from the law. Bobby struggles to say goodbye to those he loves and reconnect with his mother before he must disappear forever. Auditions are on Friday, October 19th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. Location is on University of Michigan Dearborn’s campus.

Available Roles:

  • Bobby (Lead): Caucasian male, early to mid 20s, thin/fit build. In the film, Bobby copes with the consequences of avenging his brother’s murder and struggles to repair his relationship with his mother.
  • Kate (Supporting): Bobby’s mother. Caucasian female. Late 40s to late 50s. Thin build. The mother of a deceased son and one that’s about to be ripped away from her by the law, Kate shuts down mentally as she tries to get a hold on her reality and struggles to say goodbye to her son, the last person she has in this world that she cares about.
  • Mack (Supporting): Bobby’s uncle and mentor. Caucasian male, late 40s to late 50s. Heavy set. Since Bobby’s father died, Mack has taken Bobby under his wing and taught him how to survive and avoid legal trouble while dealing in stolen goods.
  • Barry (Supporting): Bobby’s uncle and Mack’s brother. Caucasian male, late 30s to early 50s. Barry seems to be the only honest member of the Scott family, and uses this quality in his law enforcement career. Seen as overly sarcastic and a bit like a prick most of the time, Barry is Bobby’s least favorite uncle, but is still someone that Bobby looks to for guidance.
  • Sarah (Supporting): Caucasian female, early 20s, thin frame. Sarah is Bobby’s younger sister and the sweetheart of the family. She cares deeply for her fragile mother during this trying time and is trying, despite everything, to hold her family together.
  • Violet (Supporting): Bobby’s feisty girlfriend. Hispanic or Caucasian female. Early to mid 20s. Thin frame. Violet understands Bobby better than he realizes, and allows him to reach out to her when he is ready. In her own way, Violet helps Bobby deal with what he has done and accept the consequences.
  • Micah (Supporting): Open ethnicity male, early to mid 20s, very thin frame. Bobby’s friend and confidant. Micah has to come to terms with the fact that he is losing his best friend, and has to deal with Bobby becoming withdrawn since he committed his crime. Micah hopes that he has a chance to reconnect with Bobby and say goodbye before his friend leaves forever.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying and would like to request an audition time, please email your headshot and resume to: bobbyscottcasting@gmail.com

NOTE: Audition location will be provided up applying.

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