Looking for Actors/Singers for Upcoming Stageplay (Oak Park, MI)

Burse Productions are holding an Open Casting Call for the Upcoming Gospel Stageplay,

“If you don’t want it, Don’t ask for it…. The Confessions of a Married Man”

We are looking for talented local actors and singers……….

These auditions are going to be held at the Oak Park Library in Nov. 2nd at 5pm and Nov. 7th at 2pm
14200 Oak Park BLVD
Oak Park, MI


Role Descriptions:

The Leading Man….. Donald– Mid 30’s, Athletic built, very handsome, has to sing the husband to Elizabeth. A hard worker and loves his wife with all his heart. A man of his word. Allows a friend to influence him to become some else

The Leading Women…… Elizabeth– Early 30”s very pretty beautiful shape has sing married to Donald. Very dedicated to her husband she’s very family oriented. She homely until her husband tells her he needs a change. She then becomes a women on a mission

Juan– Mid 30’s Athletic built, very handsome, has to sing married to Roxxana. Juan is a laid back person who loves his wife. His a professional basketball player. He has to sing

Roxanna– Early 30’s the best friend to Elizabeth she a teacher has to sing

Jennifer– Early 30 drinks a very lot the sister to Elizabeth and the daughter to Barbara

JO-JO– Mid 30’s athletic built very handsome. He brings the comedy to the stage he has to have a sense of humor his the cousin to Donald

Marcus– Mid 30’s Very rude and disrespectful. Show no respect to his wife. Marcus is cheating on his wife. His very handsome and athletic built. Controlling and demands to be in control no matter what

Samantha– Early 30’s very pretty slim shape. She is a very nasty acting person. She carries herself well but very conceited Her husband beats on her and she feels as long as he pays for everything then everything is good

Barbara– Late 40’s the mother to Elizabeth and Jennifer she’s very church going but holds a grudge with her daughter who her husband died for. She kind of favors the oldest daughter more then the youngest has to sing

Frank– Early 50’s The uncle to Marcus very handsome man who is full of wisdom and loves the Lord and has to sing


More Info contact Kisha Swanson @ 313-779-0871
or email k.mims.burseproductions@gmail.com

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