NYU Student Film Extras Casting Call (Jackson, MI)

Male Convicts Extras Casting

Male extras between the ages of 18 and 35 wanted for NYU student short film shooting in Jackson between November 30th and December 5th. This is a chance to work on an exciting short film that will likely evolve into a feature.

Extra Roles:

Extras will play convicts. We are particularly interested in people interested in working multiple days between Nov 30th and Dec 5th. We’re casting a diversity of looks (short, tall, large, small) and African Americans are encouraged to apply.


The film is a little bit of an unusual project. The director, T.J. Parsell, was incarcerated in Jackson Prison in 1978, when he was just 17, for robbing a fotomat with a toy gun. A young, handsome kid already struggling with his sexual identity, he was an easy target, and quickly became a victim of the sexual violence perpetrated by more seasoned inmates. Following his release, he wrote a memoir, Fish, which is a kind of harrowing coming of age story about prison, masculinity, power and rape. He spent ten years as an advocate for prison reform before coming back to school with the goal of turning the book into a feature film. He’s now a second year graduate student at NYU.


Extras will be paid $25 per day, plus one meal.

How to Apply:

If interested please send an email with a brief description of yourself and a photo to: fishfilmsmi@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include “EXTRAS” in the subject line of your email.

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3 Responses to “NYU Student Film Extras Casting Call (Jackson, MI)”

  1. Eric Martin says:

    hi my name is eric and i am emailing you about your want for extras for your film. i am an 18 year old theatre student at occ and am pretty much just looking to build my resume up a bit. i am about 6’1 and have an athletic build. i am half african american and half caucasian. attatched is a photo of me. if interested just let me know
    Eric Martin

  2. Joe Hotham says:

    Looking forward to being locked up, w/no bail required :p

  3. Dennis Bolton says:

    yeah this would be somethig diffrent actullally in prison without really doing somthing i just came home from prison for doing 4years this year i’m really looking forward working on the set.

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